112 Reasons to leave New England


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This post, note that I am writing this at 6:45 PM ET; is about the NFL Free Agency period.

Welker left New England. Welker left New England.


I’m mad too Bill….

It’s still sinking in. I feel fine with this, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Welker, maybe it was something like jealousy because I’m the same size as him or something. Or how I could’ve caught that pass in Super Bowl XLVII. Seriously, for a player who catches 110+ passes a year, how do you drop the biggest play of your career?

It was in your sticky gloved hands! How do you drop that????

I’m not professional, clearly, but I doubt I’d drop that, with or without gloves. If you have two hands on it you DO NOT drop the ball. Thanks a lot A-Hole! Should’ve shot A-Rod! 

Now he signed with the Broncos. The Patriots biggest threat in the AFC, now that the Ravens are dropping out of the sky. He took a pay cut that the Patriots probably would’ve been able to reach and bring him back. He did a ballsy thing though, a power move for lack of a better term. He say eff you to the Patriots and signed with the biggest rival the Patriots have: A Manning brother.


7:45 PM ET:

The Patriots have reached an agreement with Danny Amendola. Who if you look into it has similar numbers to pre-Patriots, Welker. Coincidence  I think not.

Bill-Belichick-Lets-PartySo now it was more like a “f*ck you” to Welker. Bill Belichick works in mysterious ways. Now I just hope they get aggressive with the defensive uphall.

Pollard, the Patriot Killer, is available. Just saying. He would be a nice addition to a safety group that needs some swagger.  I feel he might go to the Jets because Rex Ryan will do anything to injure anything Patriots.

LaRon Landry is available at safety too, and everyone loves a guy named Landry. (Friday Night Lights joke)

Ed Reed who Bill and Brady both are terrified of and respect so highly should try to covert him into coming to Foxboro. He’d add the leadership that they need on that side of the ball.

Also they need to get cornerbacks, and now is the time for that. With strong classes in free agency and in the draft it seems great for the Patriots to have their cap room.

My favorite plan would be let Arrington walk, get 2 out of the 3: Talib, Asomugha or Sean Smith; and with 2nd or 3rd round pick sign the honey badger. The honey badger, Tyranne Matheiu would take place of Arrington and, in my opinion terrorize Welker when we play the Broncos. Nothing better than some revenge.

Also they should have 2 first round picks because of the Welker signing. I think if they could trade up to get Tavon Austin, a wonderful replacement for Welker, and faster, that’d be just great.


+ Darruis Heyward-Bey is available and Tom Brady could make his once good potential shine

+ Laurent Robinson is also an interesting WR choice that has been cut

+ If the PAtriots are desparate they could sign Victor Cruz or David Nelson at a cost of a draft pick

> But they could be a good “receiver x”

+Greg Jennings?


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