Bruins Reaction


Today’s song is going to be a throwback of sorts, I heard this in 8th grade, Paralyzer by Finger Eleven. It came into my mind again the other day when I was reminiscing on my trip to Universal Studios a few years ago. They have the Rockin’ Rollercoaster, and you go on the rollercoaster with music pumped into your ears, I picked “rock” and this song came on.

Today’s first post is going to be the most frustrating, as was last night’s game.


The Bruins who played the Penguins yesterday, blew a 2-goal lead late in the third period. They had 2 goals since before 15 minutes in the first period.

Tyler Seguin and Zdeno Chara both scored for the Bruins. Chara had a wicked slapshot that pinged in off the post during a powerplay. Seguin had a nice roofer later in the period as he was being pulled down by a defender.

Then somewhere in the 2nd period the Bruins lost all momentum and was letting the Penguins have extended time in the Bruins zone. They fought off an intense onslaught the last 3 minutes of the period.

Most would think if they could survive that they would be fine in the 3rd.

Well they weren’t. The Bruins had to kill a 5 on 3 powerplay for the Penguins. Then afterward it was as if they never killed it off at all, the Penguins scored twice in 51 seconds to erase the deficit.

Then it was plain and obvious who would win the game.


The Bruins skaters are to blame for this loss. Khudobin played his heart out, and it was simply his player’s who let him down. Again, the Bruins need a scorer. They can’t afford for their leads to keep disappearing like this. It’s been a trend lately and the front office should fix it with players.

This does remind me a bit of last year. The Bruins, although they didn’t get to as hot a start as, say the Blackhawks this year, started out hot and put the teams they should beat down in the dumps. Similar with last year. Except, all 4 lines were scoring and making up for mistakes they were making. Then all of a sudden they weren’t scoring 6, 7 goals a game last year and their weaknesses showed.

I see that happening again and it needs to be fixed by bringing in a player or two. Not only that, but let the team know that they aren’t afraid to trade everyone. It might light a fire under some player’s asses and get them to play with intensity.

Bruins Intensity.



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