Who’s Going to Show Up?


Motley Crue’s Kickstart My Heart is the song to kickstart this post.

You know what else needs kickstarting?

The Celtics Post season run.

bill russellFirst off if you think that this gentleman to the side is Morgan Freeman, feel free to cause yourself bodily harm.

This is Bill Russell the greatest center the play in the NBA. If you don’t agree, I’ll let his 11 championship rings do the talking.

What was that? Oh, I couldn’t hear you over his greatness.

The Celtics franchise was born upon his skills and Red Auerbachs cigar. The Celtics have been hot and cold the past few games, we don’t know who’s going to show up.

Is it the Celtics who can beat the Heat without Rondo? Or the Celtics who lose to the Charlotte Bobcats?

I’d hope for the former and that’s the team we’ll need soon  now. They have the stretch coming up, and yes it’d be nice to rest the golden oldies in Terry, Pierce and Garnett, but we can’t afford to lose games like we did to the “Cats.”

I am giving them a pass for that particular loss because one, the captain was resting. Two, they just lost to their “sister” team, whom each member shares so much with. And three, most of the players out there might still have jet lag from China.

DJ White, Terrence Williams and that dude with the crazy name, Shavlik Randolph all played the other night; against a team that has two or three lottery picks on the floor. Not to mention they had that one guy go off for 35 points.

They get a pass.

Now tonight, they dismantled the Raptors. They played as a whole team for 48 minutes. When their starters score enough to keep them in and the bench can contribute 40+ points I doubt that any team can put up with them for 7 games. This was against the Raptors. And the Celtics still don’t have a big.

But hey good game and good looks for the bench. Jeff Green lit it up and hopefully gets his confidence going again. We need him and his play to be up there for the Heat game when he’ll be matched against James.

I the meantime they have a few interesting games coming up, one against the Bobcats which they should use to get them rolling for when they try to stop the Heat. I will keep saying this but each big game, whether its against the Thunder, or the Heat or whoever, is a step closer to the playoffs and a start to the stretch.

Earlier in the season, almost before it, when number 20 signed with the Heat the Celtics began saying, its us against the Heat. Well, show us what you mean and stick it to them, on Monday, on Tuesday, whenever it is, show that team the truth, that we still own Lebron.

Really their mentality should be us against the league, or us against the doubters. We all doubt them and it should be them against us or us against them (one of these days I’ll cover my view of fanship “the we or them” debate).

Time to bring it Celtics, whether you can handle it or not. Leave it on the court and don’t look back until 18 is raised.



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