Dear Mr. President,


To start off I’m going to have you listen to one of my favorite songs out there Made In America by Toby Keith. I also want to say that I didn’t do research on this so bear with me. This stuff should be common knowledge.

I love America and never want that to change. Now that I’m getting older and more aware of the happenings in the world and my own backyard I have a few things I need to say.


I want our country to be one to be proud of. I want our country to be something our kids are proud of. I want this country to be the safe and powerful country it is. I want this country to be a strong economic power without any debt or deficit to pay off to countries that are getting annoyed with us.

I have a few questions that I’d like to ask the president. I know if I ever got the chance to I wouldn’t get a real answer. I’d get a politician’s answer that is simply going to make him look the best. If I ever got the chance to ask him a question or several questions, the secret service would pry the questions out of me so they can brief him on them. He’d come up with a clever answer that would have a lot of…. well…. placed… pauses to get…. applause…. because the…. president…. should feel…. encouraged too.

I want answers from him  or anyone, true, honest answers that can help me figure out where our country is headed.

My first question set is:

Mr. President, what are you planning to do to protect the people from North Korea promise to nuclear assault on the United States? Is are we going to have procedures in place to protect us? Are we safe? Is this going to lead to war?

I don’t want an answer such as: “We have our intelligence on…. the possible threat of the North Korean government….”

I want a straight up answer, even something that says, “We have no clue what North Korea is planning.” If he gave us an answer like that then we’d get somewhere. Sure people would panic, but in that case the people of America would step up and have a plan for the public. If that was the case we would know what to expect. I just want answers.

The next question set is:

Mr. President,  why exactly did you approve the sequestration bill? Our military is the most important part of our government, they should have benefits that applaud them on their potential sacrifice for our country. Why is it that you are taking tax payers dollars that go from a good cause and then using them on food stamps, welfare and the lower class? Why should we not reward our service people and give them debt as well as a possibility of being put in harm’s way?

I have no idea how he…. would respond to this….. without his pauses being…. genuine and not….. strategically placed. Mr. President, why are you aiding those who didn’t take their opportunities to make themselves into something? Why are you helping the ones who have had their chances, and hurting those who are willing to take a bullet for the goodness of our country? Why?

My last set of questions is not for me, maybe not even my children but for my grandchildren.

Mr. President, what is our plan to cut away at our national deficit? Budget cuts are a start, some of which I do not agree with, but is there another plan to at least half our debt in 50 years? We need to be more self dependent sir, because eventually our allies might not approve of our take-take-take mentality. The more dependent we can be the more we will be relied on. What can we do to start the process of reducing the debt?

He might not have answers for that one either, but I sure as hell want something to be done about the trillions of dollars that are figuratively stacking up in our the name of our country’s debt. I don’t want to see anything happen to this country, my children’s country or their children’s country. I want answers and solutions Mr. President, I want to see them and I want them to be fulfilled.

I love America and want it to remain “American.”



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