Isn’t that Rich?


Sorry this is later so my opinion on the game won’t matter as much. However, the song should make up for it Dust on the Bottle by David Lee Murphy.

The song is kind of fitting for the way that the Bruins have played lately, huh?

Claude-JulienCongratulations to Claude Julien on being the 2nd winningest coach in Bruins history. Mind you, the Bruins are an original six team so its a big deal.

Despite the win Julien was mighty pissed off at the way we played. He left the bench as soon as that final horn sounded. He has the right to be mad at his players. All but seven of them are under performing. No team, not even if they have Bobby Orr, and Wayne Gretzky can have just seven players win and be successful.

It’s the beauty of hockey, the ultimate team game.

The Bruins are only one or two pieces away, and there’s a chance they won’t have to break the bank or even look too far to get those pieces.

Claude Julien, Peter Chiarelli and Cam Neely can look into the depth of their club and ask themselves a few questions.

Do we need to shake up the lines?

Do we need to make a trade?

Can we bring anyone up from Providence?

Assuming that the answers to the last two questions are yes, then they will need to shift their lines. I feel that the Bruins could afford to bring up players, whom they drafted highly and have spoke highly of; should be brought up. They have an opening on the 3rd line and if say Jared Knight or Ryan Spooner could each form a quicker line with Peverley and Caron.

If they need to bring someone in, it should be a 3rd line center to fill out the Peverley line. Another option would be to bring in a higher profile player and then shake up the lines.

One, Lucic or Horton need to play on a lower line, they are out matched almost every night. Two, we need a straight up scorer. Three, maybe it is time to mix up the Bergeron line because if Seguin and Marchand are the only consistent players they could spread that consistency to the other lines.

Just some thoughts, but maybe they should become reality. The Bruins need some kind of shake up or wake up, just get the dust off the bottle.



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