Where’d the Day Go?


Today’s song is coming back from the past, Madden’s past. I believe it was 2006 with Donavan McNabb on the cover that I don’t wanna stop by Ozzy Obourne was on the playlist.

Madden_NFL_2000_CoverartI woke up around 11 and tried to write a post here, but just couldn’t think of anything that I haven’t covered over the past couple days. Instead I played Madden 13 on the Xbox.

It’s now 2:30, I took a break at 2 for food, but I haven’t stopped playing. Is that a problem? No its not, but yes it is.

Its a huge problem because I have been trying to make a pro in the game and I want a QB. A realistic QB too, someone who would be on a team that needs a QB. Also because I haven’t updated my rosters the depth charts and everything are so wrong. Matt Flynn is starting on the Seahawks… Welker is on the Patriots. Its ridiculous.

My options to make a QB and have him on a realistic team are limited. The teams I can choose from are; the jaguars, raiders, vikings, browns. And my mindset is that my player will make the teams better. Well, one of two things is happening. I suck at madden and throw it all over the place, or these teams are that bad so the players drop every ball thrown to them.

I think its the latter.

Madden is an awesome game, basically one part of my childhood. I am upset at the creators though. This year they got rid of the “fantasy draft” I want to start a franchise and draft Tom Brady, then Patrick Willis, both ending up on the Buccaneers. But noooooo they had to get rid of the “fantasy draft” for their “ultimate team.” No one understands that concept! It only works in FIFA because there are so many soccer players.

Madden also has gotten rid of the create-a-team option that, again was amazing. In 2004 you could make hundreds of options of logos and colors and always have Mike Vick as your QB because he was unstoppable in that game. Not now though, again because of Ultimate team.

Hey, I just don’t have that much time on my hands, I tried making an ultimate team and it involves more work than I have at college to start and continue, its like a 3rd job.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!



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