I’m Thinking About Retirement


I had a long shift at work and if you know me I slept until 11, did nothing until 12, then drove to work and had a whopping 8-hour shift. That being said I think this song is appropriate. Click the link to find out the song, it’ll rock you like a hurricane.

If you don’t like the song or who sings it, I’m going to have to ask you to move out of America.


My mind has been a tornado at work, well not one that big but the store looked like this one hit it before close.

Also there is all that going on, then there is the weather, New England weather. The whole week has been 40s and 50s, paradise in March. All the snow has melted and it was wonderful.

I got to drive my Saturn around in the sun for a change. It has been weeping for some weather she can drive in. I never put snow tires on it because I didn’t have the money. So it was a battle from the first hint of snow. I whipped her around some back roads during the week and it was wonderful. I’m talking carving my turns like 007, but in a car that’s as expensive as the cup holder in his Aston Martin. Regardless I whipped around corners with my windows down, mind you its 48 degrees tops, going at least that in MPH. Needless to say it was the way youre supposed to drive in the country.

I live more in a rural area, but I need the country roads to get to my grandparents’ house. Which I want to buy someday.

More about that now. I have 4 sets of grandparents as my parents are divorced. A meme, a nana, my grandpa and grandma Castle, and Captain and Becky.

My step grandparents who’s house I just mentioned are on my stepdad’s side. They have a huge family and even bigger hearts. I always enjoy going to their house regardless of what is going on. Obviously when I was younger like the punk teenager I was I skulked most of the time, but now that I’m a real person I see what fun it is.

Captain and Becky are my youngest grandparents and I met them when I was 5 years old. They felt they were too young to be called grandma/grandpa so I called Captain, well, Captain because he was the Captain of the Coast Guard. And Becky wanted to feel young so that’s why I call them that. Everyone calls their grandparents something different, and I can remember why I called them that.

I want what they have though, after spending some time over there the other day I can’t imagine how fun it must be to be retired and living on their property. They have 2 ponds, a garden, a heated pool and a 3 story house. I’ve never seen them argue or anything, except over Becky pampering me and my family when its dinner time. I kinda want that, it just seems right.

I want to buy their house too, I’ve only had good memories there, I would hate to see it go to someone else’s family. Firstly because it’s in a great location, within walking distance to an ice cream place. A half hour to the beach, and they have their own land. Not to mention (and I’m not exaggerating when I say this) half of Becky’s family lives within a short bike ride or long forested walk away from their house.

One one particular road there are 4 houses that belong to that side of the family. Then there’s my future home that’s a 5 minute bike ride away. I hope that never ends, I would hate to see that lost or broken up because of the memories that each place holds. Memories such as making movies, and getting lost in the woods have all been fun. Even the memory of breaking my femur belongs there and I would hate to lose that land to an outsider.

Call me old-fashioned for wanting all those things, or just chalk it up to me living in the wrong decade, and even though I was married into that family, I know these things don’t well grow on trees.

I guess I just want to retire now and have the time and luxury to enjoy those country walks.


+ Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson- 5 ‘O’Clock Somewhere.

+ Rodney Atkins- Take A Back Road

+ John Denver- Country Roads


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