Jeff Green for Days


I’ll start off by playing Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. And then you should listen to last night’s Jeff Green version of that song.

Well what a game huh?

Actually I can’t even say that it was that good, I hardly got to watch it. My friends and I were playing spades and had to finish the game. To understand why we were playing spades and not watching the Celtics I have to go back a few weeks.


My dorm has been fundraising to get a ping pong table in the building. We are a three floor building and have three lounges, one on the first floor (“the lounge”), with at TV and vending machines and piano. The other two floors have lounges with nothing in them but tables and chairs.

When they started to come up with the idea of a ping pong table, I thought everyone else would reasonably think of all the fragile things in the first floor lounge. Also the fact that there would be randos who would start playing whenever, potentially causing wreckage. However, that was not the case. The rest of the hall insisted on having it in the lounge.

We got the ping pong table and it was set up in the lounge, and I’ll admit, it was pretty fun and I used it a little here and there. Then one night there were a lot of people and I didn’t want any part of it.

Then the next morning me and my friend were coming back from the gym and saw some kids we live with in the hall and they were said check out the TV. We did and it was bad, you could turn it on and there were two black marks that spider webbed to the rest of the TV. Someone threw a paddle at the TV. Then the next day people ended up throwing things at it more, making the entire screen black.

The thing I didn’t explain is that TV was the center of the lounge activities; whether it was watching a game, listening to CMT, or watching movies. That TV was my dorm, it broke and so did my heart…. okay not really.

That is why we were playing spades and not watching the game. We had a crazy game going with partners and my team was winning, and when I say winning I mean killing them, by like 600 points. I wanted to call it early but couldn’t risk being called a b*tch.

I was checking the clock and we ran into the game. I was getting annoyed but we had to finish. When we finally did it was halftime.


From what I saw, Jeff Green played his heart out  Played the game of his life, 43 points! That was also after being defended by the four time Defensive team player, Lebron James. His performance was nothing to thumb your nose at.

He seemed to be able to score with ease and defend James efficiently. Jeff Green came to play the other night, and he certainly showed us all that the Kendrick Perkins trade might not have been a mistake. He proved himself indefinitely the other night, and showed us he can match up with the best.

The Celtics shoulda/coulda/woulda won if it weren’t for the referees missing a few calls down the stretch, and a missed lay-up and desperation shot at the end. The Celtics had superb defense until there was 4 minutes left in the fourth.

Other than that the Heat should have lost, and will in the playoffs. This season was meant for the Celtics and Heat to meet up in the post-season, and they are headed for each other again. The Celtics are the only team that can go toe to toe with them and actually scare the Heat, we can beat Lebron, we can beat Wade, and Bosh is a baby. The Truth can handle James, and Green proved he can too, Avery Bradley and Lee “the Pitbulls” can bottle up Wade; and Garnett consistently calls Bosh his b*tch.

The only thing that makes these series and games close is the fact that they all have pure talent, so when we slow them down they can get 15, 20 and sometimes 25 points on us. Then there’s the mulligan where Bron-bron goes off for 45 in 45.

There’s no question these teams will make a great series, and there’s no question that it will have a historic traces in it as well.

The Celtics want 18 and it has to go through Miami, 4 times out of 7.



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