How to Drive

This song will get you to understand the topic. When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars.

Regardless to the title this is not about driving a car, or hitting a golf ball, or watching the movie Drive. But about how to drive girls away.

I have had some success with this both in high school and in college, I have not been good at defining friends from more than friends, and vice versa. It’s actually quite a specialty of mine. If you are looking for advice, probably not the best place.

However, if you avoid these next steps, you my lonely friend might just find yourself a girl.

  1. The hardest part- talking to this girl you think is cute.
  2. Did you impress her? No? Just admire from afar. Yes? Keep talking.
  3. You can talk to her now, so keep being talking.
  4. Slowly see how things go.
  5. Miss your opportunity, or jump the gun.
  6. Over think the little things.
  7. Ask her on a date.
  8. Become attached.
  9. Ask questions.
  10. Talk to her friends.
  11. Think.
  12. Overthink.
  13. Think again.
  14. There she goes.
  15. Drink the memories away.
  16. Call her while you’re drunk.
  17. Leave a message.
  18. Regret it.
  19. Ask more questions.
  20. Try to rekindle the flame that’s now an ash.
  21. Drink.
  22. Start over with that other cute girl you see, hey what could be worse than last time?

I need to avoid my own advice, and so should you unless you want to drive that girl away.

Life is not meant for regrets, have fun. 



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