Simply Because


You know, I’m not sure which song is better, Knights of Cydonia by Muse, or The Greatest Man that Ever Lived by Weezer.


I’m posting this at a late and strange time, clearly as you will look at the time if you read this and be utterly confused. However crazy this may sound, I need to pull an all nighter. My internal clock is off, I have been staying up way too late over break and well, cannot break the habit of being up late.

I stay up late while I’m at home to watch movies and just do random stuff, staying up late has always been interesting to me, at least until a point in the night like right now where I just need to sleep. Unfortunately for my sleep patterns I have been trying to go to the gym in the morning, six in the morning. Now I’m not a hardcore die hard gym goer that gets jacked and just admires themselves in the mirror, I am just trying to get more fit, and tone.


At this point, if you don’t go to UNH you might be asking why am I going to the gym so early?

The UNH gym is simply too small, and when it would be the best to go to the gym when your body is awake, say around 4 or 5 pm, the gym is the most crowded. The free weights are basically reserved for standing room only and forget it if you want a bike or treadmill; those will be taken up by larger folk or UNH biddies tryna look good for the frats this weekend.

That simply doesn’t seem like my cup of tea, I’m fine with getting up at 5:30 after I get out of bed. Once I wake up, I’m up for the rest of the day.

Now, if I’ve held your attention, you might be asking why are you pulling an all nighter?

I have to reset my body’s internal clock and to do so I need to stay up the rest of the night and force myself to chug through the day in a zombie like haze. I’m choosing to do this and write now because I need to stay up; as I’ve written already like fifteen times now, I need to write now to keep me interested while I am still semi-functional.

This is going to be a weird theory but bear with me.

I have homework to do and it’s due tomorrow. I should be doing it now, as in instead of writing this, but I’m writing here first to waste time and get closer to the 5:00 time I can shower and get ready for the gym. My theory is that if I do something I want to while I’m awake that when it gets closer to being an unreasonable time to be up for example 3:30 or 4:00; I will force myself to stay awake to get my homework done.

Make sense?

Maybe not, but hey, here’s to hoping it works.


+ I might post more than just this post tonight



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