The World is Big

Songs that best fit this post- 100 Years by Five For Fighting and/or Funny the Way It Is by Dave Matthews. [Look for the poll after my sign off]

News flash, the world is bigger than we can really imagine. This is a deep topic and try to take these things lightly.


Obviously if you read my post from earlier tonight you realize I am pulling an all nighter, and not one that is like the ones back in 8th grade when you would kill a 12 pack of mountain dew and family size of Doritos while playing Dead Rising until sun up; this is one where I have to write homework and am half procrastinating, half doing what’s best for the all nighter.

This all nighter is one that gets you thinking about more than the surface of what’s going on.

I live in a small state in the United States of America, the greatest country on earth. I have known this for a while, since I first saw a globe really;  but I need to leave my state and experience more than the 75 miles that I really know about well. I need to get out of this bubble that isn’t letting me see what everything is about.

What is in the world?

The obvious is people, plants, animals, land, water, but what is out there? Cultures and climates are one thing I can only read about or see on TV. I’m never going to be able to feel the green grass of Ireland, the sands of Australia, the snow of Russia, the waters of the Caribbean, or the trees of the Amazon while I’m stuck here in bloody New England.

I have traveled a little bit in my life, not too much but enough to know that traveling is good for you. It keeps you sane, although airports might not. Traveling is more than just experiencing the hustle and bustle of transport to the new land you are visiting, or seeing the sights.

Its about finding who you are and what you want to do with yourself. Traveling puts you in check with reality like how big you are compared to the world and what the limits are in this world.

With all that has been going on in the world, dependence on oil, nuclear threats, child warfare, rape, shootings, riots, revolutions, human trafficking, and everything evil in between; we have forgotten the one thing that put us all on this Earth in the first place, and that is Earth. Clearly if it weren’t for it than we would not be here.


If there was a way that each person in the world could just sit back for 15 minutes and look at the stars maybe we would realize how small we are and how short our lives are compared to the length of the Earth’s existence.

If you’re fine with sitting behind a machine the rest of your life, such as the laptop I’m using to write this, then by all means go ahead. I’m not trying to tell you how to live, just thinking as I write.

Now it’s time for you think about when you are a lot older, and try to envision what you might think about when you are that age. Do you regret anything? Do you feel that you have accomplished anything worthwhile during your time? Have you had the chance to see what this world has to offer?

Maybe you are think of traveling or maybe this is me showing you that I’m more than sports music and girls, there’s deep thoughts in my head.

Maybe this will inspire you or maybe it’s me feeling trapped inside New Hampshire and realizing that I might not ever leave New England until I’m too old.

Maybe this will help you feel refreshed or maybe this is me noticing that I have about 4 or 5 more years before I have to sign 35 of them away to a working life in one place for a long time.

The world is enormous and beautiful, I haven’t seen enough of it, and if you have the chance you should see as much as you can. Hey, maybe I’ll bump into you on your adventure.



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