Kinda Slow

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

The other night I needed to do some thinking, I have some big decisions looming in my life, and well my dorm wasn’t the place to do that. The ocean was, so I headed out on the night roads and just drove. I was going faster and faster, and soon enough the song from above started playing. I cranked that sh&t and went even faster.

I started thinking: “I should probably slow down, I have to turn soon and maybe there’s…..”


Blue. Flashing. Lights.

The 5-0 were after me. I pressed down on the gas harder and sped past the turn I was going to take. Past the police station. Past the house where I fell down the stairs. I kept going, getting faster and faster. The lights that originally belonged to one cop car soon were joined by many cop cars.

The chase was lasting a long time, and soon I was near the ocean, where I was headed in the first place. It was soothing, but exhilarating at the same time. My car was carving all the turns on ocean boulevard (in Hampton NH) and soon I lost them.

Or so I thought.

I looked at my gas gauge and the light was on. Who knows for how long, but soon I felt the car start to shudder and I had to pull over. I got out of my car and didn’t know what to do.


To be continued…. my friend wants me to eat..

Also the Bruins were on.


The lights came around the corner and soon I saw the cars. I was about to be surrounded. I looked around at my surroundings, in front of me, four police cars, officers coming out, and the ocean. Can’t go that way. To my left, the road I came down. Maybe not.  The right, a steep hill and the road continued. Not feeling that. Behind me, a few trees and some mansions. Here goes nothin–

I quickly turned around and ran dodging each tree as they came. What started out as a clear view of each tree soon became a blur of brown and green and the flash of blue behind me faded away.

I was coming to a high fence but I couldn’t slow down, I leapt into the air and grabbed ahold of the wrungs. Pulled myself up and over and landed with a thud and felt that strange pain you feel in your heels if you’ve jumped from a height.

I spun around to see the cops slowing down near the fence. I looked at them in the eyes and then at the height of the fence.

Looked back at them and said, “Kinda slow?” Then I ran off.


Just kidding I got pulled over way before that happened.



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