The Bigger Storyline-Bruins

Prisoner’s Song- Dropkick Murphys.

Well, after 3 periods, an overtime, and a shootout. The Canadiens are in first place in the division.

After erasing a two-goal deficit and turning into a two-goal lead, then blundering that into a tie, then losing it in the shootout is just awful. Especially to a team as slimy, grimy and pathetic as the Montreal Canadiens.

They do deserve to be in first, they played a hell of a game. But flopping is acceptable in soccer, not on the ice. They should know that, Canada basically invented the game.

The NHL needs to notice something about the diving/embellishment in the game lately. I mean, hey that means the sport is competitive but there needs to be a little change to that.

I don’t agree with anyone who says the NHL needs to ban fighting. If you’ve played any form of hockey, you understand the need to stick up for teammates and how frustrating it gets out there.

UntitledI’ll be fighting kids in intramural floor hockey.

However, the game was well played by the Bruins, and anyone who watched it knows the Habs got lucky. Bounced puck off of Seidenberg’s face and past Rask. A tip in by Chara… and then a questionable penalty in the last few minutes. I can’t say that the Canadiens were impressive. Although their backup goalies seem to be better than their starters. Remember Halak? And wayyyyy back when, Ken Dryden?ClassicRivalry

(Thanks a lot bin Laden!)

It is interesting how slowly word got out and connections were made between the Bruins resting prospects and Iginla being a healthy scratch. Social media huh?

And yes, it is, in my belief (12:03 Am) that Iginla will be a Bruin sooner than later. My speculations are that the Bs are trading Bartkowski, Khokhlachev, and a pick will be sent to Calgary for Iginla if he is willing to sign for 2+ years.

This might just help them offensively. And lORRd knows we need it.  The past two games they have shot and had way to many chances for them not to be going in the net. They need offense, they need more. I want more goals, we want more.

This is going to be a good move. I feel that we are giving up a lot of potential talent and it almost makes sense because we have a young core team and a budding AHL affiliate.

Iginla plays the way Cam Neely does, and in Black and Gold that is just fine with us. Maybe his play can rub off on good ol’ boy Lucic. I mean why not?

I feel the lines are going to be as follows:


Iginla will have good feeds from Krejci and with his soft hands and hard shot there will be goals aplenty. Lucic, who is overrated will fit just perfectly against some of the competition’s third-liners. As for the other two lines, keep them as they are, the chemistry is already there and production will fall in place. The defense, which has given up a few leads, is starting to worry me. Chara and Seidenberg can’t both play a half hour night in and night out. Dougie, who is good offensively isn’t strong enough to compete with a power forward just yet. Ference is what you’ve been getting the past few years so he’s fine. McQuaid and Boychuk are getting to be missed. As far as Aaron Johnson and Krug, they are doing ok but they can’t quite sustain the level of play that the injured pair can.

We will make the playoffs and it seems like there is just a small piece missing, maybe its that offensive touch, maybe its that we’re missing that little guy from Michigan in net. All I know is that the playoffs will be interesting.

As a fan, I want the cup. If in I’m the organization, I want an early exit. We got 82 games next year fellas.


+ Yes, that’s my UNH Confession, I’m like Marchand out there.

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