Who’s On First?

Suggested Music: The Boys are Back- Dropkick Murphys

Also suggested: Tessie – – Love that Dirty Water – – Sweet Caroline – – I’m Shipping up to Boston – – Tequila – – Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Well, if those got you in the mood, whether you listened to them or not, its baseball season. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, spring is here and summer’s around the corner. Our first step toward cookouts is baseball. The season swings off tomorrow and you betcha its going to be a good one. baseball

I kinda take that back, its going to be like every year really, except this year neither the Red Sox or Yankees will be in it. Sad truth but this year we both suck.

The Yankees suck.

They always do really, but this year they actually are just awful at baseball. Their best player is 37 and has a bum ankle. Their best pitcher is fat, and their closer has overstayed his welcome in the bullpen longer than Castro in Cuba.

They are old, expensive and fragile. If they win more than 70 games you know that the AL East is just dreadful. However, they are not.

Minus the Red Sox that is. I like where we’re headed. Not this year though.This year is a gap year that’s just for fixing the structure of the clubhouse and keeping the sellout streak alive.

The next few years though…. Ohhhweee! We have some ball players coming up through the system and we are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

The first to arrive was Will Middlebrooks. He is hurt now but he will be there day in and out for us.

This year is looking like it’s going to be Jackie Bradley Jr.’s time to shine and win us over. He has dazzled all in spring training and doesn’t look to be slowing down. I almost hope that someone gets injured so he gets some playing time. I mean we need to get rid of Elsbury fast because he’s overrated and not as handsome once you realize that he’s 30 soon.

Also this year is the possibility of Jose Iglesias emerging and cementing himself at shortstop that has been a revolving door since… since… Nomar left…. (sorry I still get emotional… they traded him on my birthday dammit! I was 11 years old!)

Next year its probably going to be Xander Boegarts, Bryce Bentz or Rubby de La Rosa. The year after that… it could be anyone.

Hey, it could be me, you never really know.


+ Thanks for reminding me, and you know who you are


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