There’s Nothing Left in the Tank

Feel Motivated- Eric Thomas, Secrets to Success and More..
I need this while writing this, and it’s something you need to listen to.

The end of the semester is nearing and it is absolute crunch time. Whether its homework, work, or drinking, the time is nigh. We, as working college students, have to juggle between the three and its only going to make us stronger.

The days are warmer and longer which gives us more time to party and less to study, well, comparatively. We’ve always had the same time in the day, but the shift of the priorities change with the weather.

For those students in college that always have warm weather, not much is changing; except the clothes you wear.

For the rest of us, it’s time to buckle your study belts and get going. I’m a bad example, seeing as I’m writing this. However, a professor told me once treat school like a 9-5 job. Work the same hours you’ll work in the real world and then you’ll still have your nights free and beer to drink.

Okay, I paraphrased.

It’s something I do need to focus on, a 9-5 job that is school, especially these next few weeks. I am juggling more this week than the last, and the one before that. I have to feel that same success as Eric Thomas describes. I have to want success more than breathing.

Do. Not. Quit.


I Love Boston

Moment of Silence.

First things first, what happened yesterday at the Marathon was an act of terrorism. Whether by a group, country, or individual, it was terrorism; and they will be put to justice. If whoever is not held responsible, the people of Boston know what to do, and how to do it.

540112_710991775040_196550604_n1-480x338Now I don’t get to Boston enough, and certainly will more. It is a great city and I fell in love with it the first time I went there.

I was 4 years old going to my first Red Sox game. It was just me and my dad going in, we were meeting two of his friends, who were like uncles to me at Fenway.

At four years old it was pretty amazing. We took the train from my Nana’s in Beverley; after we had Nick’s roast beef of course.

The train was an interesting experience, I only remember us blurring by everything and I distinctly recall seeing a Burger King somewhere in the city.

Anyway, we got to Yawkey Way, me clutching my dad’s hand and I’m sure my jaw was dropped the whole time. The crowds, the smells, the foul language, “it’s fahknin’ Suppan on the mound tonight!”

I wanted 3 things that whole game; a Fenway frank, a foam finger and Nomar. I wanted Nomar, I can’t explain it, Nomar is a Greek baseball God and will forever be numbah 5.

I got the first two things with ease, but eating a hot dog with one hand at age four was difficult. The seats were phenomenal, I was looking right at my idol, Nomah Garciaparra! My dad’s friend was stationed behind a beam but, that wasn’t an issue for me. I fell asleep toward the seventh inning, only to awaken by the singing of Sweet Caroline.

The Red Sox won and I was happy as could be, I was hoisted on my dad’s shoulders because I was too “tired” to walk. I saw the city and that’s what Boston means to me.

Loved it ever since.


+ If the Yankees start using Sweet Caroline more, not cool

+ The coward or cowards who did this to Boston will pay.

+ The people of the city will only be stronger now than ever before.

+ Never forget.

Was in the Spring

Suggested songs- Otto Knows- Million Voices
Yes, I did this earlier but people need to know this song!

And- Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
Because, the Red Sox home opener that’s why.

I love the Red Sox, yes, they test my faith, and everyone else’s faith from time to time; but that’s why we love them. They are the person who keeps doing something wrong but then does one thing right to let you know that they are still that same loveable idiot in the first place. Sox_Open4-5833259-4113

That might’ve been said by Bill Simmons or someone… I don’t know, or care. It’s the damn truth though.

This guy in the picture is the epitome of Red Sox Baseball. (If you don’t know who this is, please don’t keep reading)

Johnny Pesky played for the Red Sox and then stayed with them his entire life. They were his family, the fans were his friends, and every game day he is smiling down on us while playing catch with God and Teddy ‘Ballgame’ Williams.

This picture gets me every time I look at it, you see the love on that man’s face and the fans blurred in rejoice behind him, capped off by the two simple words on his jacket. If you watched this live, last year, as I did, you got goosebumps. They resurface whenever I look at this picture.

Today when watching the Opening Day Ceremonies before work dragged me away from my beloved Red Sox, the love for the Sox was rekindled and I cannot hide it.

The Jimmy Fund chorus, Tim and Jason walking and catching the first pitches alongside Remy and Rice, was all touching. Not to mention having Pedro on the Fenway grounds was a breath of fresh air.

It won’t beat he and Millar sh*t-cocked on top of the dugout last year. It can’t top any one of his wins. And it certainly won’t top this. Pedro is great, he wasn’t afraid to hit you in the head or in the *ss. He pitched dominantly in the steroid era and will forever be loved by Red Sox Nation.

Before I ramble and lose your attention, I’ll say goodnight and leave you with this.

Play Ball!


+ I couldn’t find the best video for Millar and Pedro but they were hilarious.


The Library

Suggested Listening- Amazing by Kanye West
Haven’t heard this in a long time.

UPDATED Suggestion: Otto Knows- Million Voices
I had fun this weekend because of this song. But then… other shit.

I’m at the library right now, and obviously I’m procrastinating. But I’m fine with it, because I have to write a lot tonight. That meaning, I can ramble on and on here and get my mind flowing, get a good playlist pumping and then hit it home when the lights here start to flicker out. tumblr_lqsqhb9bMy1qa2kv9o1_500_large

The library is actually a wonderful place, although some people don’t agree with me, it is a great sanctuary where I can get work done. If I ever found enough time I would explore libraries and try to learn.

But, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Instead we here at UNH have time to drink, day drink, night party, light couches on fire, get in fights, punch walls, yell at people you don’t mean to and awkwardly apologize in the morning.

Anyway, the library…

I actually get work done at the library, this post is an exception. I will get more done in 2-3 hours here than I would 24 hours in my dorm room, or house, or classroom. There’s something bout it that soothes me and makes my fingers type faster and my brain think better.

Ok, time to crack to it.


+ My playlists are usually found on– I just use the Rage category, it works

The One Percent

Suggested Listening- Paradise by the Dashboard Light- Meat Loaf
This could be a long one, buckle up.

Well you dirty hipsters, the weather is getting better which means you’ll be occupying everywhere pretty soon. I have always disliked protests, especially those ones by homeless, jobless people. Instead of complaining and picketing why wouldn’t you want to be furthering your education or job hunting? That would certainly help the economy and help your own situation right?

Let me rewind a little bit, I was on stumble upon and I came upon this video about the Wealth Inequality in America.

It got me thinking about the 99% vs. 1% issue and then now we’re here.

don-draperIt helps that I watched Mad Men tonight to watch the wealthy toss their money and success around.

Yeah we should be jealous of what riches the 1 percent rolls around in, and instead of taxing them for it, everyone should be trying to get to that position. Yes, some people have difficult circumstances that hinder them from getting there; however, you don’t give up.

If I ever get successful I don’t want my money taken away through taxes, I think I’ve gotten to the point where I deserve all of it. It is my money, and I will choose to do with it what I please.

If that’s spending it on alcohol and strippers then so be it. If it is donating to charity, two claps for me. If I invest and make more money, then I think I deserve all of it.

People complain that the 1 percent is all one big fraternity, and well, it kind of is, most of them were probably in frats, and knew each other. It’s about connections. If you are poorly connected, you have the means to move and make the right connections. Another objection of some people is that they don’t do enough work, and some were born into it.

Yeah, that’s the point. You work hard enough to get to a point where you don’t have to do work, the American Dream. All that success you are earning should filter down to your children too you want them to have it well off, so why not set them up with a trust fund?

I don’t get how people can possibly get upset over someone else’s success. If you have 3 jobs, I’m sorry, those are awful circumstances, however, there’s a reason for it, and its up to you to change that.

I’m not exactly in a position of wealth or any wealth coming my way, but I’m going to try my hardest to get to that point. I know I’m in the right mindset. That’s half the battle.

Confidence is key.


Wake and Rake

Suggested listening- #ThatPower by
I heard this and although it has JB in it, the beats are fast and the bass is down low.

How ’bout those Sox? A few more wins and they will have more this April than the last two. More importantly, especially after today, how about Will Middlebrooks?


He killed it with three homeruns, he nearly hit four. He looks like the stud that he is. He has 5 tools, and he’s been honing them the past few days. Middlebrooks is well on his way to having a great second year, yes its early.

Knock on wood, but remember what Pedroia did in his second year in the bigs?

That’s right, MVP.

It is very soon, 6 games in and all. Look at the guy though, he’s a f*cking stud. I think he’s the prototype thirdbaseman, you draw up when you are making a fantasy team. Tall, good fielding, can hit, not slow, frigging all five tools.

He’s 24 now, and he’s the first of many prospects who have come up through the Sox system. He’s going to be a team leader in  few years, if not by the end of this one. I have faith in the kid.

I also have had my faith in the team rekindled, yes it is early, and yes I have made some bad judgments on teams; example the past 2 years, but this year they are exciting.

Between Middlbrooks, JBJ, and Iglesias, plus the veterans, we have a mix of players that might mesh well together. I’m not saying they’re going to win it all; and I’m not calling that until at least July.

They’ll make some noise though, and come August, Boston will be buzzing with playoff excitement. They will break team’s hearts, I know that. I’ll be waiting for it too.

I do have a few criticisms of the team still. First, John Lackey, no explanation needed. Secondly, Stephen Drew, um, why did we get him? He’s more washed up than JD Drew. Come on Cherrington, you’re better than that. Also Elsbury needs to be traded while he still has worth. He’s 29, and doesn’t look a day over 19, but his body gives way like a 58 year old. They need to trade him for a real first baseman or Joe Mauer. (Mauer deal [Els, Salty, and a prospect] would make sense, and we need a real catcher.)

Lastly, and most annoying is Johnny Gomes’ number. The only person who should wear 5 is Nomar, that’s more important than who our 5th starter is. Nomar is a Greek god.

You shoulda shot A-Rod!



If all goes According to plan

Suggested song- Bingo Players – Rattle

If all goes according to plan the Bruins will lose to the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finals.

Why do I want them to lose you might ask.

And I would point straight to Gary Bettman, the leader of the lockout.

I don’t want the Bruins to win it all in a shortened season, yes a cup would be nice but it wouldn’t be the same.

Plan B is different:

We win the Cup behind three solid lines each centered by Seguin, Krejci, and Bergeron; not to mention the 4th line wrecking crew.

If all goes according to plan, Bergeron comes back healthy and able to lead us to where we belong. Also Seguin becomes a dominant center with Marchand and Jagr as his wings. Khudobin turns into the second coming of Tim Thomas and we are all invited to the Bruins after party and can drink from the $3,000 dollar champagne.

If all goes according to plan. We’ll find out tonight how they look with their additions.