Suggested Music- Victory Lap by Macklemore
I just heard this song about 2 minutes ago. I already had a Macklemore song earlier today but, can’t blame me can you?

The Boston Bruins have traded to get Jaromir Jagr. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

On one hand they are getting a proven winger who is a powerplay master. On the other hand, they are getting an old guy.


The Bruins certainly needed to make a move and they did, but there’s no way this will push them past some of the East’s best. The Penguins with or without Crosby are the best team right now. They play fast, furious, hard hitting hockey. The style the Bruins are known for.

However, lately I haven’t seen that team. Krejci, Bergeron and Seguin, our best players don’t get in scrums or really hit that hard. Which is good and why we have Campbell and Thornton. My issue is that our other guys, Marchand and Lucic, haven’t gotten into their roles which helped us win a Stanley Cup.

Lucic you are supposed to be a hard hitting powerful forward, you aren’t supposed to get fancy goals, you are supposed to be ready to drop the gloves faster than you can say Rask. Yet he tries to and it hasn’t been good.

Marchand, who is playing great, needs to get more under the skins of teams. One, it distracts them and can open up better plays for his teammates and its that much sweeter for him, the team and Bruins fans when he scores after being pushed after every whistle by the other team.

Possible line matchups with Jagr. Also what might be good for the 2 players I mentioned.

Seguin-Krejci-Jagr: Speed and skill
Marchand-Bergeron-Lucic: Skill and frustration
Caron-Peverley-Horton: Potentially deadly
Paille-Campbell-Thornton: Merlot line

I love Bruins hockey and they need to be big bad Bruins. That’s how they win and that’s how we want the cup.



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