So you have an opinion?

Suggested Listening- Hound Dog -*The King*- Elvis Presley

I just debated for a project in one of my classes, my debate was on assisted suicide… I don’t want get into it.

However, it got me thinking more about debating, opinions and persuasion…

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone has the freedom to speak it, its in the Amendments, freedom of speech. If you know me, or even if you’ve just read a few of my entries, you know what a Patriotic American I am; so yes, freedom of speech is fine with me.

Freedom of persuasion? Shades of grey… I get it if you have your opinions and that is wonderful for you honey, buddy, pal, skip, jack, bro, on and on; but I don’t need to agree with you, I’m going to take my conservative approach to whatever you’re saying to me, and unless I really agree with you, you’re not getting much out of me.

It’s not like I am heartless, I care about some things that are out there, but not all of them need to be pushed on me. In high school for 4 years we watched the Invisible Children documentary, and yes I was moved by it; we all were. Obviously some of the past few things that have come in the news about those guys haven’t been great, but they were thinking for a cause. I was moved by it and I don’t know if anyone else had the same impression that I did, but the more they came to the high school, the more desperate they seemed.

They were asking for more money asking people to join, and soon they were telling them to join in. Telling. There’s no need to do that.

You shouldn’t have to do more than educate people to see if they want to join in your cause. If you do more than that it becomes begging and you look desperate.

Anyway, I have my opinions, and I voice them from time to time, and honestly that’s all you should really do, just voice your opinion, nothing more. If you don’t have one, good, then shut up.

Listen I don’t need to hear more and more of this feminist stuff. I go to school at UNH and each weekend there’s more “rape” than the last. Listen, rape, true rape is awful. Not waking up next to some dude who is fatter and hairier than he seemed last night, which to you means he must have raped you. Just because you have a lapse in judgement does not mean actual rape happened. If a guy seems uglier than he did when the lights went out, its a mistake, not rape.

If you’re a feminist, you can be, but there’s not need to push so hard for things, like just chill out. Especially on a college campus honey, alcohol is to blame not men.

And also, for that kid in the dining hall that I overheard trashing the US, back off Jack. Yes, the US is doing “terrible things” over there, but buddy, this is war. Things are terrible in war. This kid was saying that we should pull out all the troops because we are causing the natives stress.

Let me guess, you are someone who is nervous around darker toned people when you go into an airport? And let me guess, daddy bought you a brand new car? What does that car run off of? Oh yeah gas.

So if you want to keep driving to your “book clubs” or whatever, I suggest you zip it and support our troops. Hey, I’m not pushing it on this kid am I?

Maybe I am, but that’s because he’s trying to bad mouth my country.


+ I’m a little tense about my debate in class, and these people I was sitting near at lunch just tipped me over the edge.

+ I was eavesdropping.



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