You Could Call it Attention Deficit

Suggested Listening- I Don’t Care- Fall Out Boy or The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
Like my tweet said the other night, I’m on a FOB kick for some reason.

I’m in the library and for some reason I am absolutely restless. It feels like I just shotgunned a Redbull then chased it down with a large dunkin’s iced coffee and 3 turbo shots.

I am stir crazy and can’t focus on reading All Quiet on the Western Front.

I’m fascinated with the two World Wars and how they were fought and all that lead up to and into the wars. I find it interesting how the first world war was fought and the magnitude of people that lost lives and how they died. Mustard gas, automatic weapons mixed with old war strategies made for quite the ugly war.

I know less about WWI than WWII but its fascinating how they are so similar, and how after each one the world realized not to mess with certain types of weaponry.

The first world war, chemical warfare and the second, nuclear.

The first war was sparked by an assassination and the second a crazy ass leader who f*cked up on two accounts otherwise we’d be talking about the third Reich and hailing Hitler III.

Thank god we aren’t doing either.

If you look at it Hitler made 2 mistakes (regarding running a country not being a moral human being) , printing too much money causing inflation, and fighting a war with Russia in the middle of winter.

Just my brain not being able to focus….


+ My mind skipped and now I’ll get some work done

+ You don’t have to read this

+ But you made it this far so…. yeah you read it

+ Thanks!


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