It’s Heating Up

Song of the Post: Meant to Live by Switchfoot

This time of year is wonderful, we have all sorts of sports going on. Baseball, hockey, basketball and the NFL Draft is soon.

It’s even better if your teams are in the playoff hunt and are looking good in spring training. Example, my teams. Bruins, Red Sox and Cetlics are all at exciting parts of their seasons.

First and least interesting to me; because they are least likely to really make a run at it. (Plus I’m not the biggest basketball fan) The Celtics. They are all but officially in the playoffs, they have a record to get them there and the players to stir up the pot.

The best case scenario, in my opinion is the Celtics get the 8th seed and beat the Heat first round. Best rivalry in the NBA right now, end of story.

Next, the Red Sox; one because I am a big baseball guy and two because they are just starting off. The noise is there and that first game certainly made us all imagine what this team might be able to do this year.Slides of Boston Sports Tix

I love the potential of Jackie Bradley Junior, and so does the rest of Red Sox nation. However, they are already putting him up their with Manny, Rice, Yaz, and Williams. He’s played one game and had a good spring training. He’s good, and the team looked it too, but he’s probably going to bat .274, with 13 HRs and 68 RBIs this season. I’m excited for the potential.

Last and certainly not least. Saving the best for last.

The Bruins who have a team with a lot of depth that can beat any team in the NHL have acquired Jagr, and a few depth players to add to their team. They did just lose Bergeron for a considerable, undisclosed amount of time (at this point 4:30, 4/3/13).

However, after a heart pounding win against the Senators and players coming up and on the way the Bruins are ready for a stretch of wins that we hope can drive them to the cup. There’s 10 games left and then the playoffs start. Anything can happen and any goalie can wow the country.

Let’s see what happens, it’s only just heating up.


+ Yes I’m in class and writing this

+ …yolo…


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