The One Percent

Suggested Listening- Paradise by the Dashboard Light- Meat Loaf
This could be a long one, buckle up.

Well you dirty hipsters, the weather is getting better which means you’ll be occupying everywhere pretty soon. I have always disliked protests, especially those ones by homeless, jobless people. Instead of complaining and picketing why wouldn’t you want to be furthering your education or job hunting? That would certainly help the economy and help your own situation right?

Let me rewind a little bit, I was on stumble upon and I came upon this video about the Wealth Inequality in America.

It got me thinking about the 99% vs. 1% issue and then now we’re here.

don-draperIt helps that I watched Mad Men tonight to watch the wealthy toss their money and success around.

Yeah we should be jealous of what riches the 1 percent rolls around in, and instead of taxing them for it, everyone should be trying to get to that position. Yes, some people have difficult circumstances that hinder them from getting there; however, you don’t give up.

If I ever get successful I don’t want my money taken away through taxes, I think I’ve gotten to the point where I deserve all of it. It is my money, and I will choose to do with it what I please.

If that’s spending it on alcohol and strippers then so be it. If it is donating to charity, two claps for me. If I invest and make more money, then I think I deserve all of it.

People complain that the 1 percent is all one big fraternity, and well, it kind of is, most of them were probably in frats, and knew each other. It’s about connections. If you are poorly connected, you have the means to move and make the right connections. Another objection of some people is that they don’t do enough work, and some were born into it.

Yeah, that’s the point. You work hard enough to get to a point where you don’t have to do work, the American Dream. All that success you are earning should filter down to your children too you want them to have it well off, so why not set them up with a trust fund?

I don’t get how people can possibly get upset over someone else’s success. If you have 3 jobs, I’m sorry, those are awful circumstances, however, there’s a reason for it, and its up to you to change that.

I’m not exactly in a position of wealth or any wealth coming my way, but I’m going to try my hardest to get to that point. I know I’m in the right mindset. That’s half the battle.

Confidence is key.



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