Wake and Rake

Suggested listening- #ThatPower by will.i.am.
I heard this and although it has JB in it, the beats are fast and the bass is down low.

How ’bout those Sox? A few more wins and they will have more this April than the last two. More importantly, especially after today, how about Will Middlebrooks?


He killed it with three homeruns, he nearly hit four. He looks like the stud that he is. He has 5 tools, and he’s been honing them the past few days. Middlebrooks is well on his way to having a great second year, yes its early.

Knock on wood, but remember what Pedroia did in his second year in the bigs?

That’s right, MVP.

It is very soon, 6 games in and all. Look at the guy though, he’s a f*cking stud. I think he’s the prototype thirdbaseman, you draw up when you are making a fantasy team. Tall, good fielding, can hit, not slow, frigging all five tools.

He’s 24 now, and he’s the first of many prospects who have come up through the Sox system. He’s going to be a team leader in  few years, if not by the end of this one. I have faith in the kid.

I also have had my faith in the team rekindled, yes it is early, and yes I have made some bad judgments on teams; example the past 2 years, but this year they are exciting.

Between Middlbrooks, JBJ, and Iglesias, plus the veterans, we have a mix of players that might mesh well together. I’m not saying they’re going to win it all; and I’m not calling that until at least July.

They’ll make some noise though, and come August, Boston will be buzzing with playoff excitement. They will break team’s hearts, I know that. I’ll be waiting for it too.

I do have a few criticisms of the team still. First, John Lackey, no explanation needed. Secondly, Stephen Drew, um, why did we get him? He’s more washed up than JD Drew. Come on Cherrington, you’re better than that. Also Elsbury needs to be traded while he still has worth. He’s 29, and doesn’t look a day over 19, but his body gives way like a 58 year old. They need to trade him for a real first baseman or Joe Mauer. (Mauer deal [Els, Salty, and a prospect] would make sense, and we need a real catcher.)

Lastly, and most annoying is Johnny Gomes’ number. The only person who should wear 5 is Nomar, that’s more important than who our 5th starter is. Nomar is a Greek god.

You shoulda shot A-Rod!




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