Was in the Spring

Suggested songs- Otto Knows- Million Voices
Yes, I did this earlier but people need to know this song!

And- Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
Because, the Red Sox home opener that’s why.

I love the Red Sox, yes, they test my faith, and everyone else’s faith from time to time; but that’s why we love them. They are the person who keeps doing something wrong but then does one thing right to let you know that they are still that same loveable idiot in the first place. Sox_Open4-5833259-4113

That might’ve been said by Bill Simmons or someone… I don’t know, or care. It’s the damn truth though.

This guy in the picture is the epitome of Red Sox Baseball. (If you don’t know who this is, please don’t keep reading)

Johnny Pesky played for the Red Sox and then stayed with them his entire life. They were his family, the fans were his friends, and every game day he is smiling down on us while playing catch with God and Teddy ‘Ballgame’ Williams.

This picture gets me every time I look at it, you see the love on that man’s face and the fans blurred in rejoice behind him, capped off by the two simple words on his jacket. If you watched this live, last year, as I did, you got goosebumps. They resurface whenever I look at this picture.

Today when watching the Opening Day Ceremonies before work dragged me away from my beloved Red Sox, the love for the Sox was rekindled and I cannot hide it.

The Jimmy Fund chorus, Tim and Jason walking and catching the first pitches alongside Remy and Rice, was all touching. Not to mention having Pedro on the Fenway grounds was a breath of fresh air.

It won’t beat he and Millar sh*t-cocked on top of the dugout last year. It can’t top any one of his wins. And it certainly won’t top this. Pedro is great, he wasn’t afraid to hit you in the head or in the *ss. He pitched dominantly in the steroid era and will forever be loved by Red Sox Nation.

Before I ramble and lose your attention, I’ll say goodnight and leave you with this.

Play Ball!


+ I couldn’t find the best video for Millar and Pedro but they were hilarious.



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