Redskins and Blackhawks and Indians, Oh My!

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There is debate going on surrounding the Washington Redskins being forced to change their name. There are groups claiming that it is offensive and should be taken down. Today, on First Take Stephen A. brought up a great point, if the Redskins name needs to be changed then so should the rest of “questionably” offensive team names. That would include the Blackhawks, Indians, and Braves.

I don’t think that the Redskins should be forced to change their name for many reasons, first off they were created back in the 30’s so some of these terms were just how you would clarify Native Americans. Just like you call blacks, whites, browns, there is no offensive term when it was established therefore it should be taken that way. Also, the Washington Redskins are one of the top five most marketable teams in the world. They are roughly worth billions of dollars. The fans are also some of the most loyal football fans out there; to think the team and whoever changes their name wouldn’t be in trouble with the fans is beyond me.

And then there are the other teams, the Blackhawks, Braves and Indians.

Now I may be biased because the Blackhawks are my backup team behind the Bruins; but the term “blackhawk” is most referring to the tribe that lived in that area. They were warriors and badass ones at that. To change the Blackhawk name and logo would be insane because then you can open up the argument that every likeness of Native Americans should be changed. That means most of the continental United States would need to change it’s state’s name and towns and street names and so on and so forth.

That leaves the Braves and Indians.

Awhile back the Braves were forced to take away the “tomahawk” from their logo. And other than that I don’t think the term Brave is offensive toward a race. Hell, I’m proud if someone calls me brcleveland_display_imageave.

The Indians however… I mean, look at their logo.

If that’s not offensive than I don’t know what is? I mean its a cartoon yes, but it just doesn’t look as heroic as the Blackhawks or Redskins logos. Those are representing the Native Americans in a brave and proud light whereas the Cleveland logo is a representation of racism. It looks like it would be in a racial political cartoon back in the 1890’s; where this particular Native American is lighting your house on fire while pillaging your neighborhood while riding a horse and smoking a peace pipe.

Now that’s racism.

If any teams were to change their names and or logos, it should be the Cleveland Indians. I mean Cleveland is a disgraceful town as it is. It’s a heap of trash right next to Lake Eire. Not even an interesting town, I mean there’s the Rock n Roll hall of fame but even that isn’t great.

I’d rather live in Detroit.



And the Oscar for Best Flop Goes To…

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Well well well, LeBron is calling foul again. Actually he got called for a foul, and got thrown out of the game for it.

I saw the clips and LeBron is guilty of getting that elusive 6th foul to get him kicked out of the game. He set the pick and then kind of jutted his knee out, a move many of us have done when we don’t like a player.

LebronJamesComplainingAndFrustratedOverHardFoulsInLossToChicagoToEnd27GameWinningStreakVideoInsideIt’s a dirty tactic that we all commit at sometime, whether its in gym class, or at the gym or in the NBA Playoffs. We all want to win and well, LeBron got caught. Its hard to explain the hate that I have towards LeBron James but I’m sure it starts with not being loyal to your home team. When I had dreams and aspirations of playing in the MLB I swore to myself and my dad that I would never play for the Yankees. I couldn’t betray the Red Sox like that.

Well to this day I’m holding my promise.

I mean there’s one thing about never playing in your hometown; like most players. It’s entirely different if you are playing for them and you’re the best in the game, and then you leave to go to Miami. Miami!

Of all the NBA cities in the world, not LA, not NY, not Boston, not Philadelphia, but Miami!? You have to be one sorry ass excuse for a basketball player to take your talents to south beach. It’s a bigger disgrace than the city you just left.

It’s also interesting to me how much complaining the great LeBron does. I don’t have respect for players who argue over simple calls, or fouls. Just play the game. Just. Play. The. Game.

Then there’s another loss of respect for those who flop. When players do that it just shows how childish they are. It’s one thing for Reggie Miller to do that to get inside the other team’s head; and then succeed in doing so; but for LeBron to do so when he clearly doesn’t need to is beyond me.

If LeBron James played like Kobe and Jordan, I might have some inkling of respect toward the way he plays. If you’re that good you don’t need to win an Oscar for best flop too.


Why I Need to Be Rich, and You’re Invited

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I have not read or seen the Great Gatsby. It’s not entirely my fault, my sophomore English teacher went on pills halfway through the year, but that’s a different story.

This one is about how the world; or at least the people who I am friends with would benefit if I was rich; Gatsby rich.

How I’m going to get rich is the issue. I have no idea where to start. Perhaps its through this blog, perhaps it’s through my education, perhaps I’ll win the lottery. However once I get rich there will be no looking back. Actually I’ll be looking back to the before time and seeing how bad being poor is.

When I’m rich; yes I’ll be like Jay Gatsby and throw those parties where all my friends are invited and have wonderful memories. However my money won’t go to just that, it’ll go toward furthering my wealth and expanding the economy.

I’ll be creating jobs and businesses that will be popping up and down your main street, I’ll be choosing the best and brightest to run them and you won’t have to worry about bad employees ruining your day because you came in the store. One of my plans is to reinvent the average movie theater. Throw it back to red carpets and cocktails being served, make every night a movie night.

ar117606604981399I might be one of the only ones to think this but the movie theaters should get away from the bright colors and clashing themes and stick with the classiest; classic theaters.

Other than that I have a business idea I can’t share because it’s the first of it’s kind, but again that will revolve around great service and happy customers which in this field of business has gone by the wayside; as well as their products in particular.

And if I am “Gatsby rich” I’ll be willing to invest in anyone’s idea, as long as it follows with my honest employees tactic. And every restaurant I open will have outdoor seating.

The problem is I need to get there first, and thanks to the cards I was dealt I can’t live off and expand a family business. I have to make it myself.

If I’m Gatsby rich, you’re all invited to the parties.


+ I kept the picture in color this time to show you what I mean

+ Gatsby Rich T’s in top left

Gamer’s World

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Well now that I’m back from college and don’t have a job, I’ve been playing Xbox again. Starting with my most recent game, Skyrim.

I’ve had Skyrim for over a year now and let me tell you, I have not beaten it. Haven’t even come close. I can never remain focused enough to stay true to one character the entire time. I’ll get to level 23ish then look at the other opportunities and quickly trigger up a new game. It’s extremely difficult for me to stick with just being a warrior, or just a thief or a mage; because I get really far and then they make you delve into the depths of ancient Dwemer(dwarven) ruins. To be honest I don’t think I’ll ever be old enough or brave enough to stay down there. Not too mention every creature in the catacombs is 6 times more difficult than the ones outside. It’ll always give me the heebie-jeebies. Skyrim-best-rpg-ever

So no, I haven’t exactly explored everywhere in Skyrim. I have tried to master certain crafts. Yes for the fanboys I did cheat and look up how to “unnaturally” achieve higher levels. It takes so long, there I am slamming on the “a” button for 35 minutes trying to become an investor in certain shops trying to increase my speech skill and by the time I finish I find out I don’t gain any profits from it. They just get more money for me to sell to; in which case I have to go into the Dwarven ruins.

You know what takes me longer than cheating? Creating my character. I can never decide what perks I would rather have or if the orc would have a mustache, or if elves can be bald. It’s harder than it should be.

This game already has so much and I can’t believe I’m asking for more.

But I am. I want a similar gameplay but with more more more options and income growth.

Which is intriguing, will the Elder Scrolls make a sixth? (Excuse me, VI)

If they do I might just buy an Xbox one.


What a way to end a successful company, huh?

No, not talking about Gamestop yet. But Microsoft. Why in the world would they try to mess with perfection? They’re taking away used games, and the data that you saved from the game along the way. Also if you want to buy a “used” game you have to pay a fee, nearly as much as the regular game. Oh and, they’re taking away graphics, they’re taking away too much. If I wanted that few of options and graphic quality, I’d buy a Wii. It’s a disgrace to do that. Like I said, if the Elder Scrolls VI is more intensely insane than Skyrim, I’ll binge out and get an Xbox One.

Now to Gamestop! We had all been wishing for the end of the store that literally offers pennies for the dollar on used games. I recently tried to trade in FIFA 13, which is still the latest game; and two other games, Fable 3 and NHL 10. I was offered $22 for all 3. Did I mention I have a gamercard?

However, we didn’t want them to end quite like this. Nearly half of their profits are generated from used games and now that Xbox One is changing the game, pun intended, Gamestop will go the way of Blockbuster. Swift and silently.

Ironically many Gamestops are in old Blockbuster stores.


+Facts may not be 100% accurate