Moving On Then

This post, this long awaited post, is accompanied with the song- Bang Bang off the Gatsby soundtrack.

Wow, it’s been a long time. It’s playoffs, in the NBA and NHL, the Sox are treading water and Gronk is having back surgery. As for me, I’m jobless so it’s fitting that I’m blogging; I finished finals and now am a proud recipient of an Associate’s degree. But now it’s time to move on to a new job, and a fun summer.

Well its been a whirlwind lately and I’ve barely held on. One thing I know is that I need that 600 million jackpot and I need it bad. I’m not saying that so I won’t have to work or go to school. I would put that money to good use, for me, my family and some friends. I would continue to go to school and open my own business. (Which I can’t disclose).


Do the Bruins have it in them? My answer is yes. Here’s why… depth, depth, depth.
Even when our top line isn’t scoring we have guys to roll out there that can find that rhythm and get us amped up. One issue I have is that the Garden “faithful” are quiet. Yeah, the normally loud bunch hasn’t been as loud as they can (game 7 excluded). Compare the fans to the Blackhawks, Kings, San Jose all of them. They’re louder and it shows.

I’m worried that the Bruins are becoming the Red Sox, hockey style. Roll out a sexy team, get to the playoffs, make pink hats pay good money to see them. I’ve noticed that the number of fans has significantly increased with each goal in the 7th game. I was all over them on social media, if I remember correctly.

Pink hats, the fans who root for the team because their boyfriends do, are good for the business side of the team, not for the rest of it. The last thing hockey needs is what the Red Sox did to baseball. They wanted to win in a “sexier” fashion, as said in Francona’s book. If hockey becomes like that then there’s a problem.


The Bruins will make a run at it, the powerplay looks normal instead of abysmal, and the young guns should stay in the lineup.



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