Big Green

Another post today, this time accompanied by Bangarang by Skrillex

Big questions circle the TD Garden and they are not regarding the Bruins. The Celtics have yet another huge offseason to deal with. Doc is coming back. But is KG ready for another ride. Can Paul Pierce handle the truth? Will Rondo be back? Can Green lead the C’s? Is Ainge’s position safe?

Huge, huge decisions and questions are going to be made and asked. Look, as a GM you can’t please everyone so you have to be ruthless and make the best decision for the team moving forward.

On one side you look at the team and especially the 2 elder statesmen in Garnett and Paul Pierce. No one wants them to go. It’d be just wrong for Pierce to play for anyone else. However, thinking long term it is time to cut the umbilical cord that is the two players.

The only way I see them staying is if we draft carbon copies of them and have the two mentor these carbon copies. (Unlikely)

hi-res-6709296_display_imageBut on the other side, the Celtics need to move on from this current cast and build around Rondo and Green. They need those two to lead the team and buy into a certain offense. One player works best in the fast break, the other thrives on the half court. If both can buy into one then we can start to move forward.

Think about it though, these two haven’t exactly played together. When Green first moved here he came off the bench when Rondo was on it. Then he missed a season. Then once he found his legs, Rondo goes down. Both played stellar by themselves, and if they have an offseason to train and work together, imagine the possibilities.

Not to mention the defense they can play. At one point in 2011 Rondo shut down Lebron. Then this year Green did so in his 47 point outburst against the Heat.

I think the Celtics can and should move forward and hope that KG and Pierce retire just to give us a peace of mind so they don’t up and join a contender. That will free up salary to perhaps pursue Dwight Howard or another big man.

However, they may not need it. They have 2 rebounders on the roster, Melo and Sullinger. If Rondo is himself and Green can contribute then why bother getting anyone too expensive?

Starting 5 (in my mind):

Sullinger     Melo

Then they have Lee and Terry off the bench, plus whoever they bring back or sign and draft.

I have faith in Ainge but I think its time to move forward.


+ Could we trade Doc to the Hornets for their pick?+ By Hornets I mean New Orleans, Doc can coach Austin Rivers



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