Bring out the Best

Today’s post will be accompanied by City of Dreams by Alesso

Game three of the Bruins/Rangers series is tonight. That’s a fact. My opinion is that if Tyler Seguin doesn’t show up in the game, the Bruins will lose. Mr. Seguin has been missing since puck drop of game 1 of the Toronto series. I know that Claude Julien bumped him down to the third line. Which hasn’t done much except spark Marchand and Bergeron to elevate their play. Yet again the third line is nearly invisible. Perhaps it was just the Toronto defense paired with the Bergeron line that halted their success. Who knows?

One thing that in my mind needs to change, especially if the Bruins are to move forward is to bench Jagr.

I said it, we were all just thinking it. Jagr is four steps slow and two strides behind everyone. It’s hard to tell if we’re watching the live game or a replay when the future Hall of Famer has the puck.

Claude needs to open up his eyes and bring in the Swede.

Chris Kelly, Carl SoderbergCarl Soderberg. [Pictured left]

Since coming over the pond Soderberg has rarely played. Now I know this is the Stanley Cup Playoffs but I think, from what we saw in those few games he did play, could certainly help the Bruins.

He is big, he is fast and he is another center. I think he’d be perfect to play on that third line. There are already two centermen playing there, three if you include Seguin.

The lines would be matched up relatively perfectly. The top line would stay together and dominate the playoffs as they have been. The Bergeron line would reunite and be joined by Seguin, sparking the 22 year old. The third line would feature 3 centers each of which are fast and strong. The fourth “merlot” line would do the dirty work and always be a force.

Claude, it’s time to bench Jagr.


As for defense, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Keep the rookies in there until they lose a game. As of now the Bruins are up 2-0, if they win tonight, keep them in. If they lose, look for the next healthy veteran to step up. Certainly if the Bruins move on (as early as Thursday) we will need Seidenberg back to play against the Penguins.

That’s looking ahead though. For now, keep the kids in and let them do what they’ve done best.


+ Say goodbye to Andrew Ference until he retires. The veteran loves Boston but we have 3 of his prototypes in the system, Bartkowski, Krug and Gryzlek

+ So far it looks like Rask should’ve been a Vezina finalist




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