And One Water

This post’s song: Control (Gigi Barcocco Remix) Benni BenassiFrom now on the post’s song will be the first song that comes on Pandora.

If you are an avid reader which is astonishing that I have followers, you’ll notice a few of the new changes I have. First is the header above the song. I changed that because I was getting tired of the beer and I think this looks a little different. Secondly, on the left hand side there are some links you can click on and browse through to have some fun. More of those will be added.

If you are wondering why these are needed it is simply because I want this to grow, I want my blog bigger than it ever could be, I want wordpress to thank me for the clicks they get.

That’s not possible without the help of you dear reader. If you like my post, feel free to mention it. If what I write is funny, mention it. I’d rather ask the faithful readers to do this on my own blog than spam everywhere else in the comments of blogs I haven’t read or anything like that. I hope that you can help spread the word of this through your words.



One thought on “And One Water

  1. Drew says:

    Hello everyone?! Sweet blog post. We’re always on the lookout for interesting tee shirts and places to shop. Bookmarked!

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