Get Over Him!

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Tonight the Red Sox open up a four game series with the Cleveland Indians who are led by Terry Francona. It should be an evenly matched series seeing as both teams are above .500 and have hot streaks headed into tonight.

I’ve been listening to sports radio today and they have not stopped talking about the success and failure and outcome of Terry Francona’s reign here in Boston. He managed the Red Sox to 2 World Series and an epic collapse that, in my opinion over shadowed all of his accomplishments here. Now, am I glad the Red Sox won World Series?

millar31countOf course! Am I glad that I watched cowboys become idiots and idiots become overpaid, underachieving divas?

Not so much.

That was all due to Francona’s laid back approach, and I’m frankly annoyed by how much he is “loved” here still. Felger and Mazz on 98.5 today asked who they’d rather have as a manager, Terry or John Farrell?

Farrell by a landslide, please.

They then got into how important he is and how the players still have respect for him. I understand why Pedroia and Ortiz are loyal to him but the younger players shouldn’t be at all.

He made a mockery of the Red Sox, he let them collapse into the Bobby Valentine era. I have no good feelings about him as the manager of the Red Sox. One thing is the Sox are the third wheel of four in town, they’re behind the Bruins and Patriots in the huge perspective of things. Fans will always be Sox fans, we’re born with it. However, now people are more passionate about the Bruins and Patriots because they are respected franchises at the moment. You could even make the case the Celtics are closer to people’s hearts than the current Red Sox team.

The Bruins have our hearts because of Timmy T in 2011 and that we all became Brad Marchand’s AA sponsor that summer. We also have the hatred for Kessel, but lovable young kids in Seguin and Hamilton. They are in our hearts now and are so popular that they are drawing pink hat fans.

The Patriots have the grizzly coach, the longtime loveable owner and the sexy quarterback, not to mention complete dominance of the AFC.

The Celtics were the only hope that the Heat will not win another NBA championship. They also are the only fans that can keep Pierce and Garnett here, they are the best fans in the NBA.

And the Red Sox, our beloved Red Sox, my favorite team since before time; are what? They are clinging on to false memories of Francona’s years here. They are pretending that this team is not run by the ownership. The ownership by the way that is trying everything it can to make itself into a cartoon of a franchise. I love the Sox and will root for them and whoever’s playing the Yankees but I will not enjoy the celebration of Francona’s return to Fenway.




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