Say Goodbye to the King(and Tortorella too)

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The all important game 4. The Bruins and Rangers square off in Madison Square Garden to play a deciding game; will the Rangers hit the links or live to see Boston one more time?

My prediction for tonight is that the Bruins win. It’ll be a closer, more hard fought game than game 3. The Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist will try his best to save the season but not even a few “lucky bounces” will save them.

The Bruins will be down to business as usual and you can be sure that they did not take kindly to the word war the goalie tried to start. Remember the last time a “good” goalie tried to “pump tires” through the media?

Henrik LundqvistYeah, he got his ass benched and the Bruins hosted the Stanley Cup. (Thanks to this guy)

The Rangers look like they are in trouble. Not just because they are down 0-3; but because their Coach, John Tortorella, is spitting fire at anyone who talks to him. He yelled at his powerplay, he benched Brad Richards, he yelled at Pierre.

First the powerplay, it is pitiful. No, not the Bruins,’ the Rangers.’ They have no consistency or flow.

Secondly, the coach is blaming everyone but himself, he calls his players out during the in-game interview, while they are right there!

And lastly, he is benching Richards! He had chemistry with their most dangerous scorer, Rick Nash. Then he got moved to the fourth line and now the fifth one, which is located in the skybox.

The only problem with this game is if Henrik steals it for New York. Okay, and if Rask looks like he did last game; not catching pucks to his glove and looking surprised on some of the pucks to the net.

Bruins in 4.


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