That Stung a Little Bit

Song of the post: Two Step by Dave Matthews Band

Well, the Rangers certainly surprised everyone didn’t they?

They beat the Bruins in the elimination game in overtime. After the Bruins out worked them they ended up getting nothing in return. It was a full 60 minute effort, which is what the team struggles with. They were the better team the whole game and got more snake-bitten than Tyler Seguin through the first 10 games of the playoffs this year.

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins - Game OneThe Bruins had a commanding 2-0 lead in the 2nd and then Tuukka Rask showed how graceful goalies can be. He tripped and a deflected puck from 20 feet away slid gently into the goal.

The crowd didn’t go nuts, but they were turned on like a switch had been flipped. NBC went to commercial break and when they came back it was as if we were watching a completely different game. The crowd was buzzing which fed the legs of the Rangers. From then every inch of ice was contested.

The majority of the Bruins played their game, except Tuukka. After that goal he seemed out of sorts and uncharacteristic. He was still thinking of how he fell down and the puck meandered its way past the goalline.

Then to make things worse Chara and Hamilton had a miscommunication and the Rangers scored a wraparound goal to further get in Tuukka’s head. It was a battle knotted at 2 apiece.

Seguin broke out of his slump with strong play and a goal. Look for him to continue in game 5. Also look for Hamilton to be benched if any of the veterans can come back. He has been the weakest link (Jagr aside) since he has been put under the spotlight. If Seidenberg can return then Dougie will likely be benched. We will need Seidenberg’s presence if the Rangers have found themselves.

The energetic play of Bartkowski and Krug have been a huge reason that the Bruins are buzzing against the best goalie in the world. They are also the reason that the P-Bruins lost a 3-0 series lead to Wilkes-Scranton in the AHL Playoffs. They are the future and have shown why we can be excited for puck moving defensemen again. (See Ray Bourque, Bobby Orr)

If this series goes to 7 games I don’t expect Tuukka to be a Bruin much longer. Unless he wins us the Cup like one Mr. Tim Thomas did in ’11.


+ I want a Krug Life shirt from Barstoolsports.

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