Just Krugging Along

Song of the post: I Believe in a Thing Called Love by the Darkness— Second song: New York, New York by Frank Sinatra
— Third Song: Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis

What a game! The Bruins win and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the dangerously good Pittsburgh Penguins team.

The Rangers did start off their scoring on a powerplay goal that shouldn’t have gotten through, and the Bruins penalty kill must be better. Then they responded in the 2nd period off the stick of the rookie defensemen, Torey Krug.

BLKAYDjCIAImhnUThen Gregory Campbell notched 2 more; one being an empty netter.

So now we look forward to the Penguins. Led by Sidney Crosby, backed by Evgeni Malkin, and enforced by Matt Cooke. The Bruins have quite the handful coming at them.

Looking at each of their lines, and the defensemen as a whole, plus the goalies, I’ll break down the teams and who has the edge.

Offense line one: Edge- Penguins
They have Crosby and that’s enough to make the Panthers’ line one have an edge. Although the Krejci-Lucic-Horton line can make some noise, they’ll need to bring it ALL.

Offense line two: Edge-Penguins
Malkin, versus Bergeron, will be the match-up to watch as the centers will battle for every inch. The storyline here is how can Jagr break out against his ex-team? He’s been begging for a goal and nothing would be sweeter than for it to come in this series.

Offense line three: Push
The Bruins have Seguin, who is on the verge of breaking out the past few games. He has yet to really gel with his linemates. However, on the otherside of the puck, the Penguins have Matt Cooke, who we all know. And he is very dirty and will probably injure one of these three early on.

Offense line four: Edge- Bruins
Well, because clearly, our fourth line is better than your fourth line.

Defense: Edge- Bruins
They have more depth here. If I were Julien, I’m not breaking up the pairing of Chara and Seidenberg and shutting Crosby down as much as possible, not to mention the sweet taste we can get if Iginla doesn’t score. However, that is relying heavily on the other four Bruins D-men to shut down Neal, Malkin, and the lot of them. If Krug continues his pace he might be a Norris trophy candidate.

Goalies: Edge- Bruins
Tuukka is not going to be a fan of seeing the horse-face of Crosby smile every time they score. He has had scrutiny and let up a joke goal. He is not going to want to do that again. Vokoun is a joke of a goalie, he has 1.9 goals against because the Penguins played against Ottowa who’s only offense is Daniel Alfredsson. Fluerry is no match for a Krug one timer. Khudobin can keep the bench warm, but if he comes off it expect heart-attack-Tim Thomas saves.

I want the Bruins to win in 6 at home; but something’s telling me Penguins in 7.


+ My review shifted pro-Bruins a little while in. + The first song is honorarily called I believe in a thing call KRUG


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