Celtics’ Plan Of Action

Song of the post: Where the Green Grass Grows- Tim McGraw

This will be quick. Danny Ainge needs to be ruthless and think of the future.

– Keep Doc Rivers
– Keep Paul Pierce
– Trade Kevin Garnett
– Extend Rajon Rondo
– Draft 2 players in first round (from KG trade)
– Establish new identity
– Host NBA All-Star Game before Paul Pierce retires

????????????????????????????? Keep Doc Rivers– He is such a talented coach that when they start to rebuild he can be the foundation they choose to start with.
– Keep Paul Pierce- He’s a Celtic great, it’d be a shame to see him go anywhere else. He should stay until he needs a wheelchair.
– Trade Kevin Garnett- Garnett is your best trade chip, and he’ll free up the most cap space. Dallas, OKC, New Orleans are all low seeded draft teams that could use his experience. Dallas might want to pair him up with Dirk to create some noise and grit in the paint. OKC could use him for experience and to toughen up Kevin Durant. New Orleans could use him to get the team in shape for the future. KG will want to go to a contender though, which are why the first 2 cities are more likely; if at all.
– Extend Rajon Rondo- He could be enticing in the near future if not now. Let the league know he is Boston’s man and that he can dish it second to Magic as a PG.
– Draft 2 players in first round (from KG trade)– Size and scoring. Many people think that Boston needs rebounding. Well, they do but that problem will be solved sooner than later. Between the seven foot Fab Melo and the machine Jarred Sullinger, they will be getting boards soon enough. They will need another big man and someone to take the scoring load off of Paul and Jeff in the future.
– Establish new identity- If KG leaves and this is going to be Rondo’s team they need an identity so they can fall in line to w new culture. I’ve said previously that they should run more, and with Rondo, Green, and Bradley as potential starters the Speed game is a possibility.
– Host NBA All-Star Game before Paul Pierce retires- What this accomplishes besides a possible send off to Paul Pierce (Maybe KG, Tim Duncan, and Kobe) it will show the star players how passionate the fans are and how awesome the city is. It will boost the pull of the Garden and draw heads.

This might not be what happens, more than likely this won’t. However, I think that a few of these things will help move the franchise forward; back to their winning ways.



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