N.I.N.J.A. Please…

Song of the post: Limelight by Rush

Have you watched Arrested Development?

I highly suggest you do. If you have watched all 4, count it four, seasons then you can continue to read this. However, for your safety if you haven’t finished the fourth season I suggest you do not read further. bluth-frozen-banana-stand-nyc-lead1

The fourth season started out, differently than most TV shows, and it continued that way. It focused on each character and their story in the show’s absence. Which, looking back at it was necessary for setting up the next season and further especially to develop character relation with the fans.

Did it work?


However, I personally feel that this season wasn’t my favorite. It didn’t make me laugh as hard until the later episodes. What could’ve been summed up halfway through this season took the whole 15 episodes.

They had multiple episodes for certain characters and where this is important because they are bigger roles, it diminished from what I thought were important thoughts and it was hard to follow and remember exactly what Michael did or said 4 episodes previous. I know they flirted with the idea of making a movie, feature length, to comeback.

I think they should have, not only would things have flowed smoothly but brought the family together for season 4.

Some of the reason I didn’t find this season as funny was because the Bluth family was separated for most every episode. The hilariousness of the show came from the family being dysfunctional together, not alone.

I have no word of whether they are coming back to make a fifth season; I hope they do. I beg the producers, writers, actors, and us fans to make sure the family is under one roof and are willing to continue the original shenanigans they are always up to.




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