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Well now that I’m back from college and don’t have a job, I’ve been playing Xbox again. Starting with my most recent game, Skyrim.

I’ve had Skyrim for over a year now and let me tell you, I have not beaten it. Haven’t even come close. I can never remain focused enough to stay true to one character the entire time. I’ll get to level 23ish then look at the other opportunities and quickly trigger up a new game. It’s extremely difficult for me to stick with just being a warrior, or just a thief or a mage; because I get really far and then they make you delve into the depths of ancient Dwemer(dwarven) ruins. To be honest I don’t think I’ll ever be old enough or brave enough to stay down there. Not too mention every creature in the catacombs is 6 times more difficult than the ones outside. It’ll always give me the heebie-jeebies. Skyrim-best-rpg-ever

So no, I haven’t exactly explored everywhere in Skyrim. I have tried to master certain crafts. Yes for the fanboys I did cheat and look up how to “unnaturally” achieve higher levels. It takes so long, there I am slamming on the “a” button for 35 minutes trying to become an investor in certain shops trying to increase my speech skill and by the time I finish I find out I don’t gain any profits from it. They just get more money for me to sell to; in which case I have to go into the Dwarven ruins.

You know what takes me longer than cheating? Creating my character. I can never decide what perks I would rather have or if the orc would have a mustache, or if elves can be bald. It’s harder than it should be.

This game already has so much and I can’t believe I’m asking for more.

But I am. I want a similar gameplay but with more more more options and income growth.

Which is intriguing, will the Elder Scrolls make a sixth? (Excuse me, VI)

If they do I might just buy an Xbox one.


What a way to end a successful company, huh?

No, not talking about Gamestop yet. But Microsoft. Why in the world would they try to mess with perfection? They’re taking away used games, and the data that you saved from the game along the way. Also if you want to buy a “used” game you have to pay a fee, nearly as much as the regular game. Oh and, they’re taking away graphics, they’re taking away too much. If I wanted that few of options and graphic quality, I’d buy a Wii. It’s a disgrace to do that. Like I said, if the Elder Scrolls VI is more intensely insane than Skyrim, I’ll binge out and get an Xbox One.

Now to Gamestop! We had all been wishing for the end of the store that literally offers pennies for the dollar on used games. I recently tried to trade in FIFA 13, which is still the latest game; and two other games, Fable 3 and NHL 10. I was offered $22 for all 3. Did I mention I have a gamercard?

However, we didn’t want them to end quite like this. Nearly half of their profits are generated from used games and now that Xbox One is changing the game, pun intended, Gamestop will go the way of Blockbuster. Swift and silently.

Ironically many Gamestops are in old Blockbuster stores.


+Facts may not be 100% accurate

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