Why I Need to Be Rich, and You’re Invited

Song of the Post: Bang Bang- Will.i.am.

I have not read or seen the Great Gatsby. It’s not entirely my fault, my sophomore English teacher went on pills halfway through the year, but that’s a different story.

This one is about how the world; or at least the people who I am friends with would benefit if I was rich; Gatsby rich.

How I’m going to get rich is the issue. I have no idea where to start. Perhaps its through this blog, perhaps it’s through my education, perhaps I’ll win the lottery. However once I get rich there will be no looking back. Actually I’ll be looking back to the before time and seeing how bad being poor is.

When I’m rich; yes I’ll be like Jay Gatsby and throw those parties where all my friends are invited and have wonderful memories. However my money won’t go to just that, it’ll go toward furthering my wealth and expanding the economy.

I’ll be creating jobs and businesses that will be popping up and down your main street, I’ll be choosing the best and brightest to run them and you won’t have to worry about bad employees ruining your day because you came in the store. One of my plans is to reinvent the average movie theater. Throw it back to red carpets and cocktails being served, make every night a movie night.

ar117606604981399I might be one of the only ones to think this but the movie theaters should get away from the bright colors and clashing themes and stick with the classiest; classic theaters.

Other than that I have a business idea I can’t share because it’s the first of it’s kind, but again that will revolve around great service and happy customers which in this field of business has gone by the wayside; as well as their products in particular.

And if I am “Gatsby rich” I’ll be willing to invest in anyone’s idea, as long as it follows with my honest employees tactic. And every restaurant I open will have outdoor seating.

The problem is I need to get there first, and thanks to the cards I was dealt I can’t live off and expand a family business. I have to make it myself.

If I’m Gatsby rich, you’re all invited to the parties.


+ I kept the picture in color this time to show you what I mean

+ Gatsby Rich T’s in top left


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