And the Oscar for Best Flop Goes To…

Song of the Post: Its Still Rock and Roll to Me – Billy Joel

Well well well, LeBron is calling foul again. Actually he got called for a foul, and got thrown out of the game for it.

I saw the clips and LeBron is guilty of getting that elusive 6th foul to get him kicked out of the game. He set the pick and then kind of jutted his knee out, a move many of us have done when we don’t like a player.

LebronJamesComplainingAndFrustratedOverHardFoulsInLossToChicagoToEnd27GameWinningStreakVideoInsideIt’s a dirty tactic that we all commit at sometime, whether its in gym class, or at the gym or in the NBA Playoffs. We all want to win and well, LeBron got caught. Its hard to explain the hate that I have towards LeBron James but I’m sure it starts with not being loyal to your home team. When I had dreams and aspirations of playing in the MLB I swore to myself and my dad that I would never play for the Yankees. I couldn’t betray the Red Sox like that.

Well to this day I’m holding my promise.

I mean there’s one thing about never playing in your hometown; like most players. It’s entirely different if you are playing for them and you’re the best in the game, and then you leave to go to Miami. Miami!

Of all the NBA cities in the world, not LA, not NY, not Boston, not Philadelphia, but Miami!? You have to be one sorry ass excuse for a basketball player to take your talents to south beach. It’s a bigger disgrace than the city you just left.

It’s also interesting to me how much complaining the great LeBron does. I don’t have respect for players who argue over simple calls, or fouls. Just play the game. Just. Play. The. Game.

Then there’s another loss of respect for those who flop. When players do that it just shows how childish they are. It’s one thing for Reggie Miller to do that to get inside the other team’s head; and then succeed in doing so; but for LeBron to do so when he clearly doesn’t need to is beyond me.

If LeBron James played like Kobe and Jordan, I might have some inkling of respect toward the way he plays. If you’re that good you don’t need to win an Oscar for best flop too.



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