Guilty Guilty Guilty

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Hernadez is guilty, no one should stick up for him. If he was innocent he definitely wouldn’t have looked so calm in cuffs at the courthouse. He is a thug and not in the cool way, he’s a bad person and I don’t see him as a Patriot anymore.

He clearly never thought once, and was just plain stupid to go in the steps he went in. Yes, its killer 101 to kill someone who is talking about a crime that you were part of. However, as a high profile person you don’t do it yourself. And if you do it yourself don’t leave the body in a 50 mile radius of where you live, let alone a half mile radius.

I’m glad the Patriots cut him and I think it doesn’t damage their image at all. Yes the Patriots were the only team he played for and yes he’s a New England kid, raised in Bristol. And yes, because he lived in New England and was close to his thug childhood friends may have all added up to this; but the Patriots are not an organization that allows this behavior. They don’t harbor this behavior and playing there is like being in jail anyway, don’t talk, just say yes to warden Belichick.

The Patriots cut ties with Hernandez, and said all the right things. They also gave A-A-ron a place to seek refuge and be a better person. He hid it all so well from us. Who knows if he would have with the Raiders, Ravens or Lions?

We didn’t see this coming and there’s no chance it tarnishes the Patriot way or legacy.

Especially if they get another ring.


As Luck Would Have It

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The Celtics have ANOTHER chance to get multiple first round picks, and become the best team in the league again. The Nets and Celtics are in talks to send Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and possibly Jason Terry to Brooklyn for Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace and 3 first round picks over the next 5 years.

There should be zero, ZERO hesitation on this deal! And do it quick while the commissioner is busy with the NBA Draft so he can’t really look at it and deny it. The Celtics are getting gifted with first round picks and need to pull the trigger on them. Wyc and Danny need to say “OK, we’re going to be just okay for 6 years but with first round talent we can handle mediocre.”

We have to move past KG and the Truth and just face it, their run is over. They had a great run while they were here, and should have the Celtics as the main jerseys in the Hall of Fame and will forever be honored in Boston. However we can’t keep telling them to stick in it one more year because they are Celtic greats. Bobby Orr had to be let go, Nomar, Vinateri, and many more had to leave before they became the enemy.

However they will be the enemy in the Brooklyn Nets. That’s besides the point because the Nets will be garbage once the “new” Celtics are contenders again.

In making this trade and the draft pick trade tonight, they have just said that the Celtics are now Rondo’s team.

I’m fine with it, and I hope we suck next year we need the lottery.


Instant Classic

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Bruins lost, Bruins lost, Bruins… AH….

I am disappointed that the Bruins lost? Yes.

To the Blackhawks? Not really. I’m not saying I llove the Blackhawks but I will say that they are one of the most respected franchises in the history of sports. Whereas the Yankees are dominant the Blackhawks are classy and deserve the win.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

However, the series came down to a few inches and lucky bounces. The Bruins had them down and out going into game four, gave it their all and just couldn’t pull it off. A double deflection in 3OT and a few inches out of position by Rask cost them the cup.

Bruins played better than Chicago in 3 of the games, we matched evenly in one and got outskated in two games. The Bruins have nothing to be disappointed about and nothing really to hang their heads about. They were without the Merlot captain, in Campbell and Patrice Bergeron was 40% for the last 2 games. The three scorers they needed were all ghosts, Marchand, Jagr and Seguin were barely involved. The fact the Daugavins even touched the ice greatly diminished their chances of winning. Chara and Seidenberg were in a funk because they couldn’t catch up to Kane, move Bickell or lift Toews’s stick.

The Blackhawks showed what it took, shots on goal, and luck.


However, you can’t dwell on the past in a business like hockey, so now we look to the offseason and the moves I think they should take.

– Sign Rask for the maximum length contract to keep him here

– Rid yourself of Peverley, and unfortunately Andrew Ference

– Let Nathan Horton walk because

– Its time to sign Bryan Bickell

Rask’s signing is obvious, he brought you as far as he could and won way too many games for you. Both Peverley and Ference are replaceable at least their skill sets are. Peverley was lost most of the postseason and couldn’t get it together. Ference, although a great locker room presence is going to be too expensive with the cap, and will be 34.

Letting Horton walk might be tough but in my opinion we should try to upgrade and sign Bickell, he’s a great Boston hockey style of play. He is Lucic part two. He would be a great fit in the system as well.  I mean look at the possible lines:


I think that is something to be reckoned with and with the D-Pairings just as potent as last year it would be a great thing to consider.

Keep the core, and move forward, we’ve done it before and can do it again, come back as bigger, badder Bruins.


Swing Game, Swedish House Merlot

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Game five is on tap, and so is Merlot. Daugavins has been dropped from the fourth line, and my guy, Carl Soderberg, the SWEDE is in his place!

Now he is not going to turn the game or series around but I feel he is going to put in serviceable minutes that he had a few times in the regular season. He’s 6’3″ and can fly. I hope he clicks with Peverley or Kelly. Maybe even get bumped up to the third line once Paille realizes he misses Thornton.

That’s all imaginary talk, now the game. Defense wins championships boys, but the legs feed the wolves. SO which is the more crucial, defense or speed?

brad-marchand-punching-sedin1I mean the Bruins proved to everyone that they can skate and score with the Blackhawks, and the Blackhawks proved anyone can score in overtime…. again.

So it’s more important for the Bruins to get back to the lockdown D that got them to this point. I think Tuukka will bounce back from his blunders in game four; but maybe he will prove me wrong. Chara and Seidenberg were not themselves so I expect they’ll bounce back to form. However I think the Blackhawks being at home might find it easier to force mistakes from the D-pairing.

It’s a must win and I am getting worried that the Bruins top line is not enough to keep the ship going, and can’t keep up with the Chicago first line. The speed, skill, defense and brute force of the trio is scary and something the Bruins will just have to contain to a simmer, and not let the other lines get involved. I think the Bruins certainly proved to everyone that you need three solid lines not just 2 like the Penguins.

Marchand needs to step up, he’s been nearly invisible the whole series and we could use a little smirk from him or a little bite to our pest. He has tried to play like Seguin and Jagr at the same time, just play you Brad.

Talk shit, score; that’s what Marchand does!