The Penguins Will Show Up This Time, I Swear!

Song of the post: She’s So Mean Mysto & Pizzo Remix

Well that felt great didn’t it Boston? A 6-1 mopping of the Penguins in Pittsburgh. After shutting down the Penguins offense and the Pittsburgh crowd on Saturday night the Bruins did it again, in a greater fashion on Monday.

The Penguins were strong out of the gate again, and just like the first game, it lasted about 15 seconds. Sidney Crosby made a mistake, and Brad Marchand had a breakaway and outskated everyone and beat Voukoun to give the Bruins a 1-0 lead. They didn’t look back once, not even after Sutter roofed it on Rask.

matt-cooke-what-to-watch-for-2-26There is no way that the Penguins don’t respond better in game 3. They might feed off the Bruins crowd and their indefinite boos and hissing of Crosby, Cooke and the likes of them. They deserve to be given every bit of hate they are going to receive tonight. Crosby and Malking are dirty players and the rest of the team reacts to it. Matt Cooke, the born killer, is going to go bonkers in games 3 and 4.

He’s going to injure someone. He has those crazy eyes, look at him. If you watch the broadcast, wait until they switch to a close up of him. He looks mentally unstable and not in the sad kind of way. He looks like he’s an assassin.

I have a bad feeling that if things get lopsided the way they did the past two games he’ll begin to head hunt. My guess is for the players that give them the most problems, Kerjci, Bergeron, Marchand and Horton.

I get a little nervous when I see Bergeron going in for a faceoff and 24 is slowly skating to a hashmark beside him. I think of Marc Savard. I think of Bergeron way back when; and I think of Horton in 2011. Cooke can do that to change a series; and I’d be willing to bet that he’s being sent by that maniacal captain of theirs, Sidney Crosby.

There’s one thing about wanting to win at any costs, and another thing entirely about whining at every chance.

He’s done nothing but bitch and moan about a “missed call” here or there. The way to win is to play between the whistles, in your team’s philosophy. The Penguins shouldn’t be behind this much in the goals category, but they are, because they got off their game.

Look at the Bruins, Blackhawks and even the Kings, they have played their games inside their strategy and it seems to work.

I’m not rooting for Pittsburgh but I feel they are bound to come around soon. It’s up to the Bruins to close them out while they have the upper hand otherwise we could be in for a long series if they get life.



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