Wearing Number 2 for the Yankees

Song of the post: Beer for my Horses by Toby Keith

The Red Sox are atop  of the AL East and have been for a while. We here in Sox Nation hope that doesn’t change. Unfortunately we are a little banged up lately. Middlebrooks and Elsbury are out for unforseen time, and while Will Middlebrooks has a future here in Boston there’s no need to rush him back. Jacoby Elsbury on the other hand has got to go. sox vs yankees518.r

The Red Sox need to trade their 29 year old centerfielder or else he could walk at the end of the season when he is a free agent. If the Red Sox are to “turn the page” from the ’11 debacle and that whole identity they should get rid of the face of pink hats. Since he has entered the Sox lineup he has drawn many pink hat fans, chicks that don’t know the game and are interested in the sex appeal that the players have.

Elsbury has talent, but he also is prone to injuries, which is never good. In one aspect, Elsbury has only gotten injured when he’s cared about the game. Whether he was diving for a ball, stealing a base, or five; he was getting injured when he played hard and dirty.

However, the Red Sox need to trade him while he still has some value and they can get something for him. I would think that he could go for two low league prospects that they can keep in the farm for a little while seeing as their minor league teams are full to bursting with potential talent.

The Sox have Jackie Bradley Jr., Xander Boegarts, and Bryce Bents all outfielders for the future. They could get rid of Elsbury to make room for one of them and move toward the future. Aside from that they could use prospects for first base, or catcher. They need to hold on to their prospects and get rid of Jacoby.

The alternative to trading him is letting him walk away and sign with a number of teams. One of which is guaranteed to be the Yankees and look at the guy, he looks like he’d be a great face for the Yanks. He’d be a perfect right or left fielder for them once Ichiro leaves. Els, a lefty would make use of the short right porch at Yankee Stadium, and he doesn’t have a huge arm; again a great fit in the Bronx.

The matter isn’t at hand yet, but I think it’s time that Ben Cherington should begin to look for suitors for a trade because before we realize it Elsbury could be in pinstripes.



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