Graduation Crashers: What the Public Should Know

Song of the post: Shout – The teachers obviously would’ve used this in the movie.

If you haven’t heard; there was a “scandal” revolving a few teachers from Exeter High School. I went to high school there and had two of the three teachers that are involved in this ordeal.

First off I don’t understand why these allegations are coming forth 4, count ’em four, years later. An incident that may or may not have happened that long ago was clearly done with consent. If you wait longer than 3 months after a crime, or incident that isn’t pressing; it isn’t news. Whoever this girl that was allegedly with the teacher was most likely doing it with knowledge that it was against the law. This chick must have been on some power trip to feel that she could ruin 3 teachers careers by admitting she whore’d around in high school.

I’m positive that the majority of students would stick up for these three in a court of law. They were the best teachers in that school; excluding Newman, he was the fucking man.

They were the most down to earth teachers I knew, they would help you help them and if you were stupid they’d give it to you straight. They made going to high school more fun.

And now the screenplay; the three were in the midst of writing or completing a movie screenplay called Graduation Crashers.

Already going to see it just with that title.

It was your typical raunchy film idea, with sex, drugs and freshman hazing. Now had none of this gone down I’d be willing to say that Batch, Forbes and Grossmith could basically retire after the movie was a hit. It’d be somewhere between Superbad and Wedding Crashers. I can picture it now; Rob Corddry as Batch, Clarke Duke as Grossmith and Larry the Cable Guy (without the accent) as Forbes.

I mean that’s all you need right there.

We are called Sexeter for a reason.



2 thoughts on “Graduation Crashers: What the Public Should Know

  1. Badd says:

    You’re an idiot. Teacher has sex with student — legal, consensual, it doesn’t matter — teacher gets fired. It doesn’t matter if the school finds out about it 15 minutes after it happened or 15 years. Or if he’s the best teacher in the world or the worst.

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