Drop the Gloves, the Batting Gloves

Song of the post: My Own Worst Enemy by Lit

Who says baseball isn’t a contact sport?

The past few days there have been several bench clearing “brawls,” which is wonderful for baseball. I mean the Red Sox/Rays one didn’t have fireworks like the Dodgers/Diamondbacks fights. However, the commonness of these brawls are great for baseball. Not only is it showing that the league is getting more competitive but the players are caring more than say, the average Josh Beckett.

Fights in baseball are great you get the chance to see all weight types go at it; young and old, Pedro and Zimmer, big and small, Papi and Gregg, or two evenly matched talents, Varitek and A-Rod. It’s great seeing managers against bullpen pitchers, and old teammates against each other. It adds a spark to baseball that we haven’t seen since the home run race between Sosa and McGwire. It keeps game number 67 of 162 interesting. It holds the interest of anyone who hears “bench clearing brawl.”

The recent fights have been due to the “broken” unwritten rule in baseball about retaliation after one pitcher plunks another team’s batter. For example, Lackey hit a Rays player, after he took him deep once then nearly cranked another one just foul. Lackey had had enough and hit him, saying, “I’m sick of your shit.”

The guy walked toward Lackey and Saltalamacchia stepped in and the benches cleared.

I like the move by Lackey. It keeps the batter on his toes.

However the Dodgers game was nuts, the Dodgers way overreacted. Their little rookie sensation Puig was hit by a botched pitch. Then they retaliated twice. Look, a hot rookie should be hit, I said it last year with Bryce Harper and I’ll say it again with Puig. It puts them in their place; brings them down to earth and tells them this is a man’s game.

I’m a fan of brawls. Whether bench clearing, line, or Super Smash Brothers I think they are great.



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