Is That a Goat? No It’s Tyler Seguin.

Song of the post: Take a Little Ride by Jason Aldean

Half a heart attack later here we are. Blackhawks up 1-0.

That game belonged to the Bruins. The Blackhawks are friggin lucky that they are winning in the series. A rookie mistake and two lucky bounces won them that game. Not to mention that our best winger was injured and out for four periods.

Nathan Horton got hurt on a powerplay in regulation time and the Bruins didn’t look the same. Nathan Horton can’t always be the rallying point for the team to win behind. He can’t keep getting hurt in the playoffs. I mean injuries aren’t his fault. I wonder if this will effect his free agency at all.

However, the other problem that the Bruins had was in overtime the only player that could do anything was Daugavins and he was fumbling and bumbling all over the ice. He still had fresh legs but he JUST. COULDN’T. PULL. THE. TRIGGER. It was painful to watch them struggle so much. It was even more painful to watch Lucic lug up and down the ice.

He played like a monster in regulation; netting 2 goals and getting great chances. Once overtime started he was out of gas and energy really his legs turned to concrete and couldn’t skate faster than Tim Thomas in a victory lap. Lucic gets a mulligan because he played his ass off and got the Bruins a two goal lead.

One player that doesn’t get a mulligan is YOU:tyler-seguin-nhl-icon

MISSING PERSON: Tyler Paul Seguin, age 21, last seen wearing number 19 for the Boston Bruins. If seen please return to Boston clubhouse his teammates and city need him.

Kid, now is your time to shine! If you want to erase the Kessel critics, beat your pal Patrick Kane, and get drunker than Brad Marchand you need to have a gigantic series.

No pressure.

Seguin has failed to amuse me the entire cup run. He couldn’t quite get going in the Leafs series, then was pushed down a line and still couldn’t get going. Maybe this new line he’ll be thrust onto will finally break him out of this funk. On more than one occasion he had a chance to beat Crawford, but he went glove side. Everyone and their grandmother knows to go to Crawford’s blocker side. Gotta bury the puck.

He’s being paired with the hottest center in the game who always gets tape to tape passes no matter the stress. Seguin will need to step up big if he wants to continue to roam the streets of Boston on pub crawls and picking up chicks; he could soon be the goat in this city.

Then in his absent place on the third line who will replace him? I’ve been calling for this since early in the playoffs, and maybe now it’s time; BRING ON THE SWEDE!!!!! Carl Soderberg may actually see ice time!

But wait, Julien might go with Caron. The past three years we’ve given Caron big league ice time and he can’t stick around! Great idea, let’s just play him in the Finals against the only team hotter than you. No, absolutely not. You need the Swede, you acquired his rights for a reason. It’s time for him and we might need another center.

Krug had some mistakes and may be benched next game for an equally offensive minded rookie Matt Bartkowski, but Bart is more talented on defense. With what we saw on Wednesday night it may be a necessity to have Bart lace ’em up instead. He’s a shade bigger and more mature. If Krug didn’t go off on the Rangers Bartkowski might’ve stuck around as it is.

The Bruins are in a tough spot but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; the Bruins don’t go down without a fight; and they don’t win without drama.


+Wasn’t impressed with Crawford at all.

+Seguin plays with Legos.


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