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Song of the post: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem by Kenny Chesney

Bruins lost, Bruins lost, Bruins… AH….

I am disappointed that the Bruins lost? Yes.

To the Blackhawks? Not really. I’m not saying I llove the Blackhawks but I will say that they are one of the most respected franchises in the history of sports. Whereas the Yankees are dominant the Blackhawks are classy and deserve the win.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

However, the series came down to a few inches and lucky bounces. The Bruins had them down and out going into game four, gave it their all and just couldn’t pull it off. A double deflection in 3OT and a few inches out of position by Rask cost them the cup.

Bruins played better than Chicago in 3 of the games, we matched evenly in one and got outskated in two games. The Bruins have nothing to be disappointed about and nothing really to hang their heads about. They were without the Merlot captain, in Campbell and Patrice Bergeron was 40% for the last 2 games. The three scorers they needed were all ghosts, Marchand, Jagr and Seguin were barely involved. The fact the Daugavins even touched the ice greatly diminished their chances of winning. Chara and Seidenberg were in a funk because they couldn’t catch up to Kane, move Bickell or lift Toews’s stick.

The Blackhawks showed what it took, shots on goal, and luck.


However, you can’t dwell on the past in a business like hockey, so now we look to the offseason and the moves I think they should take.

– Sign Rask for the maximum length contract to keep him here

– Rid yourself of Peverley, and unfortunately Andrew Ference

– Let Nathan Horton walk because

– Its time to sign Bryan Bickell

Rask’s signing is obvious, he brought you as far as he could and won way too many games for you. Both Peverley and Ference are replaceable at least their skill sets are. Peverley was lost most of the postseason and couldn’t get it together. Ference, although a great locker room presence is going to be too expensive with the cap, and will be 34.

Letting Horton walk might be tough but in my opinion we should try to upgrade and sign Bickell, he’s a great Boston hockey style of play. He is Lucic part two. He would be a great fit in the system as well.  I mean look at the possible lines:


I think that is something to be reckoned with and with the D-Pairings just as potent as last year it would be a great thing to consider.

Keep the core, and move forward, we’ve done it before and can do it again, come back as bigger, badder Bruins.



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