Brady to Tebow! BRADY TO TEBOW!

Song of the post: Too Much by Dave Matthews

Training camp has started and the Tebow Train has left the station.

ny_u_ttebow4_sy_400The Patriots will have a circus on their hands with Tebow, Hernandez, Dennard and anything that happens with in Gronk’s party-life. There are two things that can stop it; winning and Belichick’s answers to the madness. “Yeah he suits up, plays football.” “He is a tough player.” “I think we just have to adjust.” That sums up an interview with Bill.

Win Brady win, that’s the mindset. It’ll be interesting to watch what happens throughout training camp and preseason games. This year you get the sense that besides Brady, and Gronk every position is going to be a battle. Best player wins.

Today they apparently had Tebow at WR. I love it. Absolutely love it. He’s going to be the guy we can throw to on 4th and two and as long as he catches it he will fight for those extra yards we need. He’s as big as a fullback, fast as a runningback and as versatile as they come. He’s a football player. He will line up on special teams, defense and the bench. Belichick is going to toy with the media and the opposing teams by throwing Tebow out their for ridiculous situations.

He’ll play my position that I play in basketball, “distraction guard.”

In a few weeks it won’t be “murderer, drunk, Hernandez, Dennard,” it’ll be “Brady to Tebow! Brady to Tebow! BRADY TO TEBOW!”

The Patriots will be fine, and the rest of the AFC East will blow up somehow so I’m not worried about that. Nor am I worried about the Ravens, and by Ravens I mean Joe Flacco because he’s the only one playing. I’m not worried about the Broncos either because have you seen what we’ve done to their defense the past two years? Demolished it, and that was with Elvis Dumervil.

BRADY TO TEBOW!  [Gronk/Tebow ’13]


Getting back at It

Song of the post: Take me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

So, after being jobless for a little while and getting shut down multiple times, I have decided to tell my parents that I am going to work everyday, but instead come to UNH and write this, write my book and try and self-teach. It’s not ideal but I have run out of options.

Anyhow, the point of this entry is not to bore you with the ins and outs of my joblessness. “They took our jobs.”

But rather to talk about what I love and that is sports. And my first love, the Red Sox are treading in first place in the AL East. They had a shortened series because of the weather, with the Rays and are 1/2 game up. The Rays pitching took it to the Sox and it showed how pitching dominates in this league.

Boston has a offense that keeps getting it done, but couldn’t quite against the superior Rays pitching.

Next on tap the Red Sox have to face the Orioles who just added a fantastic closer in Rodriguez. The Sox need a closer now, both of their “official closers” are done for the season. This will be one of the biggest series of the season. It could mean the difference between 3rd and first, outside looking in or looking back and laughing.

Huge series and this could define the season. The Orioles have given us trouble lately, I mean Buck Showalter has whipped them into shape. It doesn’t help us that we have HR pitchers and Chris Davis is a machine.

The Red Sox will undoubtedly make a deal or two at the deadline, to my dismay. One of which could involve young talent to get Jake Peavy. A mistake in my eyes. This year is a gift, nothing else sure you’d like to get a 6th pitcher in case Buchholz can’t fix his neck, but it’s not worth losing the farm. We have closers, just not healthy this year.

In my opinion just see where this leads and if we sputter out that is okay to me. Unless the Yankees beat us. But the core will be back next year and we will have Jackie Bradley Jr., Xander Boegarts, Will Middlebrooks, and more up to make Sox Nation proud again.

Don’t make a move.


Wake Me Up

Song suggestion: Wake Me Up by Avicii

It shouldn’t matter if your young, old, short, fat, skinny, tall, black, white, brown, or anything in between you should like this song. It has so much in it. Avicii killed this track and I can’t get enough of it.

Sport, sports, sporting. Blah blah blah. I have had enough of the Aaron Hernandez and Alfonso Dennard shit. Let’s just get to football. It’s high time that we talk about something good in major league sports. Or news in general for that matter. Every time you turn on the news its depressing or stupid things.

‘This building collapsed.’ ‘This just in, crabs are animals.’

The news doesn’t bother with stuff people should know, but more or less what will draw people in. Which is frustrating.

You understand. People just need to get back to reality and back to basics. It’s pretty simple to worry less and live for the end of that day rather than get so involved in crazy randomness. The special thing in life is that you can reset each and every night while coming back new in the morning.

Sure, somethings you can’t runaway from, for example; I can’t run away from my big nose. I was dealt those cards and I live with them. You gotta live as yourself, don’t let other people dictate who you are and what you should do. Of course, as a child you get told what to do and that’s perfectly fine as long as you are treated right.

What I’m ranting about is that I can’t wait for the day that people can live happily with what they’re given, or make themselves something.

If that doesn’t make sense let me explain. Today I was with my girlfriend and our friend and we were contemplating how they would live off me if I won the lottery. The crazy stuff we would do and all that. Then they brought up giving to charity. Now, I am fine with giving to charity, but apparently it was as if I had said a deadly sin when I said I’d only donate in the states.

I’d rather make sure my home country is happy healthy and safe instead of the countries elsewhere. It’s apparent in history that that is where you should start, make sure the people at home are safe.

Rant rant rant. Sports. Sport. Later.



Puig Needs to Go

Song of the Post: Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett

Someone put an end to this madness!

I’m all the way across the country and I hear all about this Yasiel Puig. I do not care for what he is doing. Plain and simple. He is a good player but there is no way he is the next coming of Mickey Mantle.

He is playing well, but he is not going to keep it up. I hate how he made the All-Star team. He’s played 30 games. Let’s see him bat .406 over 80-100 games.

I hate that he made the All-Star team because it gets me annoyed how the entire league just falls in love with him. I don’t remember Harper getting this treatment and he is 20 times the player Puig is. I mean how many times do we watch the HR derby and see Papi and Cano walk over and dap up players?

I love big Papi but my stomach will churn when he goes over to dap up Puig. I can picture it right now. Ugh…

Puig is playing too good for himself. I don’t know if he has been pegged with a ball, but he needs to. We all need him to. Just throw Pedro Martinez out there and have him buzz a 90+ mph fastball at his shoulder. That will put the kid in his place.