Alright, alright, alriiiight

This post is accompanied by Luke Bryan’s “That’s my Kinda Night

I have admittedly been away for awhile, again and again and again… but for real this time I will be on the type-writer screen internet doo-hickey more and more. dazed02_wooderson_02

Real quick side note about why I’ve been away and why I’ll be on more:

I’ve been trying to be outside, doing summer things all the time, as well as sleeping in, not sleeping and just being with other people. Mainly the girlfriend. Also the sports world went a little slow besides the whole Tebow stuff, and Arod scandals, its been relatively quiet.

And now as everyone is going back to school and going places, I’m stuck waiting on a training date that will have me in my mom’s house until then. I’ll have a part time job and time to write here and pay attention to the sporting world.

Now I’m back for quite some time now, focusing on the Boston sports and voicing my opinion on the matters at hand.


For the time being we have the Red Sox magical season and the Patriots pivotal choices ahead and on tap. The Sox after just playing well against the white hot dodgers, are back home for a few AL East teams they need to win series against. The Patriots start their season just two weeks from now. After they got scared, pushed around and torn apart by the Lions, questions loom.

First, the Patriots. The offense that had yet to make a mistake this preseason made 4 in the first half. They were big mistakes too, fumbles, interceptions, sacks and field position.

Not good at all. However, it is good for the mostly young offense, exception of Brady. They will have never heard the end of it, and had the weekend to sleep on it and realize their mistakes. I have a feeling this week’s camp will be a steady stream of helpful insults. It is interesting that when the rookies were competing for jobs they performed magnificently but once the veteran players were gone they made mistakes.

Probably looking into too much. However the Defense, albeit giving up 40 points was good. They were never given a lot of field to work with. So they did well.


Ahhh the Red Sox, never fail to make things interesting. Whether it’s coming back from 0-3 down, being the absolute best team in baseball, or a blundering joke of a team they have the best entertainment value the sport has to offer.

And now they have beards, and a pennant to chase. What more could we ask for?

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Oh that’s right, Xander Boegarts. He is the most coveted prospect the Red Sox have. He has thrilled me since he got the call up, but perhaps that’s because I’m of the Nomar generation and expect him to be the next one.

He may be that one day he just might. However a lot of the talk is that he is too big for Shortstop, and in that case we move Middlebrooks to first and try to find the next Nomar. I want him back.

But I hope that Xander can try to bring the same spark that Middlebrooks did last year or … Puig did this year.

The Red Sox have been floating in the win-loss column for longer than I’d like, and with Tamba Bay still on our heels with their pitching it is unnerving. Not to mention the Yankees charging up the standings as of late. We also can’t forget that the Orioles have a hatred for the Sox. Plus Clay Buccholz doesn’t seem to be progressing very well. If at all.

The Red Sox will win the AL East, but due to mediocre pitching will lose in the division series.