Might as Well, NFL

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Ok, while we’re young!

NFL is here and so is fall. This looks like it will be a great season. Wait, every season is a great season. Except ’07, and ’11…

Anyway my picks are in starting with the NFC then going to the AFC and my Super Bowl winner.


NFC South Division: Buccaneers, Falcons, Saints, Panthers

The Falcons will come in first this year on the arm of Matt Ryan, hands of Julio Jones, and feet of Stephen Jackson. They now have a running game and can attack an opposing team’s weak points.

dougmartin_The Buccaneers will come in 2nd in the division this year. Shocker, you might think, but their top 8 rush defense now has a cornerback that makes their pass defense top 3 immediately. They also have Doug Martin who can log up big yards and set up the pass for Freeman, who has big targets now.

The Saints will come in third, but will lose a lot of heartbreakers, their defense can’t stop a leak.

Followed by the Panthers who will be a top 5 pick in the draft. CLOWNEY?!

NFC East Division: Giants, Redskins, Eagles, Cowboys

My gut is telling me that the Redskins will win the East, but they’ve been hyped from sea to shining sea. So it will be a closer race than many think. RG3 will have a slump of a year but Morris will take bulk carries. Defense will hold its own.

The Cowboys have a lot to prove this year otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Jones makes some crazy moves. Romo will put his mouth where his money is. Dez Bryant will have a monster year.

The Giants will come in third, but might be a wildcard team because it will be close. Their defense will have a rebound from last year but Manning will drop off statistically.

The Eagles have too many distractions, a new coach and drafted a QB that doesn’t fit their offense. Another awful year Phila.

NFC North Division: Lions, Vikings, Packers, Bears

The Bears will win the division, but by a luck play or two. Like Lewis before him Urlacher will want a good sendoff. Cutler is in a contract year and has favorite target Marshall lined out wide. That defense and Hester cause trouble.

The Lions will finish second, again close, but their defense looked mean, Bush looked good, and they have a better secondary receiver than Titus Young. Johnson will have a sad year compared to last.

The Packers, a potential wildcard team, will not WOW as everyone thinks. Their defense hasn’t impressed me, aside from Clay Matthews. And Aaron Rodgers is an overrated QB.

The Vikings will unfortunately finish last. The other teams will beat up on them and they’ll be the odd man out, still in the hunt maybe 9-7.

NFC West Division: Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals, 49ersRichard-Sherman-Seahawks-Wallpaper-nfl-33152085-2816-1583

The 49ers will win the division, I mean they have every position deep with players and talented ones. Their defense got better with Asomuhagh*

The Seahawks will be a wildcard contender. They will impress at home and show some great games against the ‘9ers.

The Cardinals will just be average at best. Palmer to Fitzgerald will be highlight stuff as well as Patrick Peterson doing it all, but he doesn’t have enough to overcome the powerhouses.

Rams. 3 of Redskins first round picks, as well as their own.


AFC West Division: Raiders, Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs

The Broncos will win the division they basically did after Manning’s showing Thursday.

The Chiefs will finish second and will have a shot at the wildcard. Not enough defense however.

The Raiders, will turn some heads, but are, well the Raiders. Terrelle Pryor will win the starting job and the crazy fans will be back, looking for blood no doubt.

The Chargers will tank so far this season, Phillips will lose his starting job, potential Tebow? Potential Flynn?

AFC North Division: Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Bengals

The Bengals will breakout this season, their defense has been on the rise and will learn from last year’s mistakes.AJ_Green They are still young and could really be a threat.

The Ravens will be in the hunt, Dumervil and Suggs will figure out a nasty combo. Flacco will (hopefully) continue his play from Thursday. Rice will carry the team.

The Browns will finish third and might get all of Ohio excited, but only excited, because their QB is extremely old and their RB will get hurt.

The Steelers will not be as good as they seem to think, their running game is poor and the defense, not what it used to be.

AFC South Division: Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Colts

The Texans will win the division because of experience as well as Cushing returning. Reed will steady their defense and could make a deep playoff run.

The Colts will be second, but the team will take a step back, where Luck will put up similar numbers, most of their team was rookies last year.

The Jaguars will come in third, but only because they are a more rounded team than…

The Titans. Locker and Johnson can’t do everything, or anything (against the Patriots)

AFC East Division: Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Patriots

Division winner will be the Patriots, they have the tenure and respect from the league, but the defense will earn it this year, not so much Tom Brady as in years past. MVP lookout despite my thoughts. Bill-Belichick-Lets-Party

The Dolphins will make it interesting this year, I feel they could take both games against the Pats. Tannenhill was coming into his own and was finding Hartline and added Wallace this winter.

The Bills, because they have a better of 2 rookie QBs. Manuel looks like more of a quarterback than Geno Smith.

The Jets, a joke and will sink further into abyss. CLOWNEY ALERT! MANZIEL?!


49ers beat Seahawks to advance, too talented all around.

Broncos outshoot Patriots in Welker’s defining game.

49ers confuse Manning to beat the mile high team 27-16


Some Ice Cold Drews

This post is accompanied by the song: Paralyzer by Finger Eleven

Here we come, hot down the stretch to October. The Red Sox are right in the thick of things, baseball is restored. Obviously after the past two years this is a breath of fresh air seeing a team that likes each other. However, this entry is not about the the state of baseball, the state of the Red Sox, or a likeable team but more about my opinion on a few players.

Jacoby Elsbury, and the Drew Brothers (JD and Stephen).drew_stephen_jd

I don’t like Jacoby. Period. He’s a quick guy that steals some bases and covers ground in the field. And the Drew bros are one in the same. Highly touted until they made it to the bigs. From there it’s been disappointing to say the least. Jacoby may be more talented than the both of them. But I’d rather have their underperformance night in and night out over Jacoby’s smug attitude.

He and Pedroia came up the farm together and you’d think that they’d interact or be friends, but not once have I seen Jacoby be happy. He’s kind of a malfunctioning robot.

As are the Drews. But they aren’t raved about like Jacoby is and I’d much rather have a Drew brother on my team than smug Jacoby Elsbury.