Some Ice Cold Drews

This post is accompanied by the song: Paralyzer by Finger Eleven

Here we come, hot down the stretch to October. The Red Sox are right in the thick of things, baseball is restored. Obviously after the past two years this is a breath of fresh air seeing a team that likes each other. However, this entry is not about the the state of baseball, the state of the Red Sox, or a likeable team but more about my opinion on a few players.

Jacoby Elsbury, and the Drew Brothers (JD and Stephen).drew_stephen_jd

I don’t like Jacoby. Period. He’s a quick guy that steals some bases and covers ground in the field. And the Drew bros are one in the same. Highly touted until they made it to the bigs. From there it’s been disappointing to say the least. Jacoby may be more talented than the both of them. But I’d rather have their underperformance night in and night out over Jacoby’s smug attitude.

He and Pedroia came up the farm together and you’d think that they’d interact or be friends, but not once have I seen Jacoby be happy. He’s kind of a malfunctioning robot.

As are the Drews. But they aren’t raved about like Jacoby is and I’d much rather have a Drew brother on my team than smug Jacoby Elsbury.



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