A Long Time Ago in a Time Farther Away

Song(s) of the post: Rap God by Eminem / Counting Stars by OneRepublic / If I Lose Myself by Alesso

ortizgoggleNot much for me to say in terms of not being on and posting since…. a month and a half ago. I have been a slob and lazy but busy and away from the computer for quite some time now.

Well, as of today the Red Sox will be facing the Cardinals in the World Series and I couldn’t be more mixed about this. I wanted the Sox to match up against the Dodgers, it felt written in the history books. But just as the Sox found out, you can’t buy a World Series. At least not since 1919, but even then it was bought out.

So instead we will have a classic baseball battle, two classic teams and classier franchises. The respect between these two teams will surpass the respect in the past series with the tigers. The only bad blood in the ALCS was between a few Red Sox and Jose Iglesias. Oh and Detroit’s starting pitchers and their bullpen.

But here’s the thing, the Cardinals have every bit of pitching that the tigers had. They also have a bullpen, and have recently been there before. The Sox haven’t been there in a while and will have to put together a great effort to take down the NL Pennant winners.

I think it will be St. Louis in 5.


The Patriots were just shocked and lost in a very close game with the Jets. The Patriots lost that game, and did not execute well. The Jets got the “win” but did not take it from us. The Refs did.

A controversial penalty that has never once been called had negated a missed field goal by the Jets. It set them up for the win again and the Pats did not get the ball in good field position. The call was pushing a teammate into an opponent or what not.

Upon further review it didn’t look like much but a switch between lineman. Chris Jones, put his hands on his back of a teammate and tried to move on to block the kick. But the flag was thrown and the overtime came to a close.

I understand that the penalty was highlighted this week and was bound to be called sooner or later. However I feel that in OT it has to be a textbook penalty. Like in hockey, where the refs back off on the whistle, these refs should also hold onto their hankies.

It’s penalties like that that will deter the credibility of the league. Games shouldn’t be decided like that.

If I were to make one more amendment to the NFL rule book it would be to make the pass interference call a little less harsh. Such as half the distance to the spot of the foul or half the distance to the goal or something. The 50 yard penalty on DBs are not good for the game.



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