“Meh,” Jon Lester.

Song of the post: Under Control by Calvin Harris and Alesso

Well that game was how else can I say it? Under control. The Red Sox won game one of the 2013 World Series 8-1 beating the St. Louis Cardinals. It was certainly the least anticlimactic game I’ve watched all season. Never really got off my ass for it to be perfectly honest. 9062869

It seemed wrapped up in the second inning. Once Beltran left the game the Cards only had Matt Holliday as their “danger guy.”

It was “Meh” neither here nor there as October baseball games go. The media raved and raved about Wainwright and how he’s the most underrated pitcher ever and how the Cardinals tore apart Clayton Kershaw a power lefty. So you’d think the scores would be reversed as you looked at it heading into the game.
Shortly thereafter the Sox had complete control and that was that. The most tense part was when Freese was up with the bases loaded, but he feebly grounded to Lester for a 1-2-3 double play.

This game should’ve been 10-1 or higher, we had their numbers. I especially liked the Ortiz 2-run shot. “This rookie is quite possibly their best arm in the sys—ORTIZ WITH THE STATEMENT!”

Wacha better hope that heat doesn’t spread through the Boston lineup.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”



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