Wed. 11/18/15 NE Sports Brief

As I get back into writing here in this blog, again, this time I’m being very cliche and writing in a coffee shop.

Suggested song of the Post: Big Parade by the Lumineers

So I’m trying this new format and figure that it could be a better use of my time, while still keeping up with adding posts. I’ll be recapping the Boston sports scene here in one post. Without further ado, here we go:

Boston Bruins:
This team, this year, doesn’t look like they have what it takes to go deep into the postseason. A month and a half into the season and they have been up, down, sideways all over the place. I might be one optimist in Bruins’ nation but I think they will make the playoffs and the young mixed with the ‘old’ core can thrive once they gel a bit more. When they’ve won, they’ve looked great. When they lost, they look awful. CRV5tvm

No team can win when they blow leads and are horrific on the penalty kill. As the season wears on the upper management needs to remain calm and not throw the future and present out the window in order to get back into it. Maybe a shake up on the blue line to gather prospects or picks, and getting rid of the coach; but more on that in another post. They’ll overall be fine, grabbing the 7th spot in the east for the playoffs but falter to the Habs. They tread water for now.

Boston Celtics
The upstart Celtics have come into the season with high expectations, and a tough beginning schedule. They have done just what I thought of them so far. Good defense and a spotty offense. I like what I have seen, and think they too will be a playoff team. I look forward to the second season we need to keep an eye on, what with the Nets first round pick, potentially a lottery one at that.

Looking way ahead to the offseason and making some bold predictions on that front. A top three pick could be enticing for free agents to take a look here. A top three pick, a young core and a talented coach could be a very good place for Kevin Durant to get the Celtics banner 18.

New England Patriots
This week’s game against the Bills should be a win and they should be careful; being a potential trap game. A trap game, not in the sense that the Patriots could lose the game; but a key player. I am more concerned about the health of the stars and studs on the team than I am with winning a measly regular season game.

I see the Patriots game being somewhat close, but overall the Bills falter on defense making way for Brady’s heroics with a “unknown” name being his sidekick. Patriots 34-Bills 27.

Boston Red Sox
This is our final season with David Ortiz, his farewell tour will be met with smiles, bat flips and some nastiness as the team gets back to October to extend his retirement date a bit further. I like the Kimbrel trade more than most; many think they gave up too much but with them trading away young middle infield prospects, of which you have proven young talent on the roster and also still in the minors, this trade helps them astronomically. I’ll get to the free agency below.


This season I see them getting to the Wild Card game, (and from there its up to fate) with the Blue Jays still riding high and winning the AL East. Pablo and Hanley start the season with the team but one gets dealt at the deadline for pitching depth (Mark Melanson, Jonathan Paplebon being a few that could be a nice compliment to Kimbrel).

Other Sport Thoughts:

-I see the Free Agency Pitching to fall like this; David Price to the Red Sox. Greinke back to LA. Zimmerman to the Cubs. Cueto to the Giants. Jeff Samardzija to the New York Yankees.

-Speaking of the Yankees, they scoop up Mat Latos or Scott Kazmir, Daniel Murphy and Justin Upton.

Until next time,


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